Miguel Eugenio Najera

Miguel Eugenio Najera

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The courtroom is my second home.

About Me 

I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas.  Moved to San Antonio to attend college and stayed ever since.  While in law school I worked with attorneys working large personal injury cases and fighting civil rights violations.  I was hired at the Bexar County District Attorney's office and became a rising star.  Reaching first chair status faster than anyone else in the office at the time.  While in the District Attorney's Office I was able to hold many positions.  I was head of the computer crimes unit, a lead prosecutor in the white-collar crime and corruption unit, and the lead prosecutor in both the 379th and 437th District Courts.  During this time I was able to get well aquatinted with all aspects of criminal law while becoming a seasoned trial attorney.

After leaving the office I decided to use my wealth of criminal law experience and become a defense attorney.   I enjoy the practice of law and feel privileged to help out people in need, and proud to defend their rights.