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Mario Del Prado

About Mario Del Prado

About me

I am South Texas born, raised and educated.  Professionally, I have only been a trial lawyer.  Started out as an Assistant District Attorney in Bexar County.  Handled and tried hundereds of cases from DWI to Capital Murder. 

Enjoyed a successful career in prosecution.  Then, met and married my love and partner, Christine Martino Del Prado.  We have established our own firm and been successful.  More importantly, we established a great family and are truly blessed.

We believe in our mission to protect an defend the Constitution of the United States and Texas.  As such, we zealously - and aggressively represent our clients.  Collectively, we bring 50 plus years of experience and success to bear in every one of our cases.  

If we can serve you, call.  You will find that we are accessible and honest.