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Joseph Adrian Esparza

About Joseph Esparza

About me


Admitted to the Texas bar in 1994, I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2007 and Board Certified in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy since 2008.  I have trial and legal experience handling all levels of civilian and military criminal cases, including death penalty capital murder cases and felony level crimes.  I was a former felony prosecutor for Bexar County, Texas and a former military prosecutor and decorated military defense counsel.  I have trial experience at all levels of courts-martial.


I am an experienced, proven trial lawyer and defense counsel both for civilian and military law offenses with a strong track record of successful outcomes for my clients. Contact me:


Work   (210) 354-1919


 A sample of successful outcomes:

11/15 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an enlisted USAF Airman charged with sexual assault (Rape)

10/15 - Saved client's life. Case workup and motion practice convinced civilian DA office to accept "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" plea in capital murder case. 

10/15 - Pretrial motion practice resulted in dismissal of State DWI charge against military client. Found multiple defects in government evidence that could not be remedied; forced prosecutor to drop charge.

9/15 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF officer charged with abusive sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer.

8/15 - After being hired, my pretrial motion practice and case work-up convinced prosecutor to drop aggravated sexual assault of a child charge against my client.  Found major defect in State's evidence that previous court-appointed attorney missed (who had wanted client to plead to charge). Prosecutor dismissed case after discussion regarding evidence deficiency.

6/15 - Saved a Sailor's career.  Convinced Navy to withdraw discharge action against Hospital Corpsman despite prior Capt's Mast and other alleged misconduct and permit continued military service.

6/15 - Obtained an Honorable discharge for Army officer facing a Board of Inquiry and a general under other than honorable conditions discharge sought by Army lawyers at contested Board hearing over multiple 15-6 investigations and GOMOR.

4/15 - Won a verdict of "No Misconduct" and retention for service in an administrative discharge board and saved Navy client's military career regarding an accusation of drug abuse.

7/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an Army Officer M.D. charged with sexual assault and abusive sexual contact.

4/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" on a civilian Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child case.

3/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF NCO Medic charged with use of a controlled substance, false official statement, and absent without leave.

2/14 - Won a "Not Guilty" for a enlisted soldier charged with Rape by force, aggravated assaults, damaging property, and interference with a 911 call.

1/14 - My pretrial motion practice convinced State to drop felony injury to a child charge against my client, co-def pled guilty.

1/14 - My pretrial investigation resulted in complete dismissal of aggravated kidnapping charges against out of town client. 

12/13 - Motion to Suppress contesting illegal arrest and search forced civilian prosecutor to drop drug charge against client.

10/13 - Won a 4 year sentence for a high profile federal client who was originally charged with Racketeering and multiple murders with possibility of facing the death penalty, before a later deal was made for a guilty plea to a lesser charge and a 15 year cap.

9/13 - Won a murder appeal and got the conviction reversed and a new trial granted.  

7/13 -   Won no confinement and no punitive discharge at a general court-martial for a USAF NCO instructor accused of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female trainee.  

4/13 -   Won a "Not Guilty" verdict for an Army soldier charged with larceny and false official statement.  

3/13 -  Won a "Not Guilty" for an USAF trainee charged with indecent exposure.

12/12 - Won a "Not Guilty" for an Army Officer client at a general court-martial for assault and conduct unbecoming an officer.  

10/12 - Won a dismissal of all charges in a rape case on the first day of trial for a USAF NCO enlisted client.  

8/12 -  Won a life sentence in a capital murder case where the State of Texas was seeking the death penalty against my client. 

7/12 - Won an Article 32 hearing, got investigating officer to reject the referral to a general court-martial of rape charges and drug charges against an USAF NCO.

8/ 10 -  Obtained a grand jury no bill in an online computer solicitation of a minor case after investigating the case and filing a motion for an examining trial.

11/09 - Investigated a criminal felony case involving a U.S. Marine in Seattle, Washington and obtained a dismissal of all charges against the Marine

3/09 -  Won a "Not Guilty" in two hours in a capital murder trial.

5/08 - Won a "Not Guilty" in less than thirty minutes in a two count felony indecency of a child case.

5/08 - Defended a senior NCO recruiter charged with sexual harassment in an Art 15 proceeding resulting in the charges being dropped.

4/08 - Won a "Not Guilty" for a senior NCO charged with indecent language against a female NCO subordinate in a special court-martial.


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