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Roberto Rafael Rios

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  • In Texas, does a person HAVE to use their PIP to be treated for injuries or can they use medical insurance first?

    I work for a chiropractor and a patient does not want to use his PIP and wants to use his medical insurance. What is the law on this? Thank you.

    Roberto’s Answer

    As the attorneys above stated, there is no law that he/she must use their PIP before their medical insurance. I advise our clients to use their medical insurance first and foremost as their carriers will have negotiated prices with providers, unlike their PIP claim. They can then use their PIP to repay the carrier at a reduced price, therefore benefiting from the fact that they carry medical coverage while paying down (or eliminating) their medical lien. Your employer chiropractor may not want this as he/she may be paid less than what PIP would pay, but it is in the best interest of the client/patient and the chiropractor, as he/she is guaranteed payment, including amounts above the PIP limits.

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