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Willard James Hall Jr.

About Willard Hall

About me


NOTICE: You have only 15 days from the date of your DWI arrest to ask for a hearing on your Driving License Suspension, ALR. You must act now. Call 409-838-0440.


A DWI could cost you your reputation, career, occupation and driving license. You are facing the possiblity of a lifetime of shocking surprises ahead; job, insurance and family issues. Here is where I come into play. You need to speak with someone who knows the subject, someone who can speak with you about this matter privately. Most importantly, you need someone who can speak for you in a skilled and professional manner and advacate for your best interests.


My office is located in Beaumont, Texas, and I handle DWI and criminal cases in all surrounding counties. I'm also available state-wide for serious cases.



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