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In the Matter of the Marriage of S.B.R. & W.G.R.

Case Conclusion Date: 03.18.2011

Practice Area: Divorce & Separation

Outcome: My client compromised and gave her $5000, an old car and a motorcylce that doesn't run. He kept the $200k parcel of property in the hill country, his house in La Porte, property in San Leon, his retirement and his sanity.

Description: Extensive litigation that spanned over years. My client had spent nearly his entire life's savings on a woman who was convicted four times of felony drug charges in a marriage lasting less than 5 years. During the divorce she still insisted on getting half of everything that was left even though it was my client's separate property he had before marriage. My client had muddied the waters by commingling his separate property with community property and a great deal of documentary evidence had to be developed.

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