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Shari Goldsberry

Shari Goldsberry’s Legal Guides

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  • Self-Representation: The Perils and Possibilities

    In Galveston County, a person charged with a Class A or B Misdemeanor has a lot of options when it comes to legal representation. For those that show up at their first court appearance without an attorney, the judge of the county court will advise you that you have three options....

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  • The Consequences of a DWI Arrest

    Most people dont know about the potential consequences that come from a Driving While Intoxicated arrest. For example, they dont know that each arrest really represents two different actions, the criminal case itself, and an Administrative License Revocation or ALR. The police ar...

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  • If you want to make that family law settlement irrevocable, follow the Family Code!

    Public policy encourages the peaceful resolution of disputes by allowing parties to come to agreements through settlements. Tex. Civ. Prac. Rem. Code 154.002 (2011). In family law cases such as divorce or child custody disputes, this policy is furthered by sections of the Tex...

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  • Arrest to Arraignment..

    Though a defendant has the right to represent himself, when it comes to criminal prosecutions, police investigations, and negotiating with a district attorney, what you dont know can hurt you. For this reason hiring the right attorney for your defense is critical at the earlies...

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  • Buying a house in Texas doesn’t just stop at getting a deed

    So buying a house, it is everyones dream right? It is also one heck of process. You have to go through the hassle of finding one you like, negotiating with the seller on a reasonable price for it, drawing up the contract for sale, obtaining a mortgage for it, closing on it, and ...

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  • Buying property: Put it in writing!

    So everyone is familiar with the phrase my word is my bond. It is a phrase that is meant to indicate that you can take someones words at face value, and that he means what he says. In terms of the law, such a phrase can be best epitomized in the idea of oral contracts. Oral contr...

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  • What to Do if Your Neighbor is Violating Deed Restrictions and Your Homeowners Assoc. Does Nothing

    A Deed Restriction is a contract and subject to the law of contracts Deed Restrictions, also known as restrictive covenants, in property deeds are treated as if they were a contract between the buyer

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