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Claudia Canales’s client reviews

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  • So appreciative!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mrs. Canales was able to see right through the lies and manipulation our opposing party was supplying. She cares greatly for the kids involved and demonstrated professionalism at all times. Those stating she can be bought, clearly had some other issues because we were going up against a millionaire and still had a fair and just outcome thanks to Mrs. Canales.

  • bias Court appointed amicus

    1.0 star

    Posted by joe

    Fraudulent restraining order filed by grandparents in their deceased daughters name 1 1/2 months after the death of their daughter to gain custody of my 11 year old daughter and 18 year old son when i shared joint custody only with their mother who worked paid rent and lived in home with her parents received over 60 thousand dollars in child support and on my health insurance medical dental and vision. my daughter was taken in to my home for 2 1/2 months after the death of their mother the grandparents lawyer waited the week before she turned 12 to interview her in the judges chamber, after being told by the judge she was loyal to me her father and loving both her grandparents and i the judge approved a TRO after stating this child is in no danger and named the grandparents joint managing with primary resident. Mrs. Canales was the amicus that never contacted me never looked at any evidence of mine she only met with the grandparents and only talk to their lawyer, and sent me the bill for everything she has done for grandparents sent me a bill for refusing to reset my de novo hearing and charge me for conflict of date because she was out of the country. there has never been abuse, neglect, or i never relinquish my parental rights away. i work for HFD. 11 years , have no history of any type of violence , have a 5 bed room home where my daughter and son has had their own room over 2 years, and where they spent 1 to 3 nights a week in my home before their mothers death. covered all medical dental, health and vision on all 3 of my children. false history of family violence without any evidence from cps, neighbors, police report nothing at all. the amicus attorney was hand picked to deprive me of due process and work in the best interest of the grandparents.

  • Court appointed amicus not interested in the facts. AVOID!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Don

    Claudia was the amicus involved in my grand daughter custody battle. Even when presented the facts (3000 to 4000 Facebook and twitter entries including photos) showing that the mother was "unfit" she still insisted that the child be placed with the mother. She even made several trips to the mothers home which reeks of dog urine and can only be compared to a poorly run dog kennel. Even with the evidence presented she made her choice after a 30 min in office visit with my son. At that point through the advice of our attorney we elected to take this battle to a jury trial. The evidence was presented and the trial was 6 days, they had the stand for 4 1/2 days we had it 1 1/2 days before it went to the jury. 1 hour later the jury had reached a verdict. My son was given custody and geographical rights. My beautiful grand daughter is now living a safe healthy life with us in Pennsylvania. Regardless of the facts, she was more concerned about keeping the child with a druggy mother in Texas than allowing the child to be placed in a safe and healthy environment in Pennsylvania.


    1.0 star

    Posted by Cari

    She's not at all professional! She has a dominating attitude and doesn't care for true facts and evidence! Canales overlooked everything that was truly damaging to my son. Now my son is in the hands of a mother that has no parenting skills or intention to give my son a better brighter future. He just turned eleven and she has no problem with: my daughter getting pregnant at 14 by an adult, his other siblings being dropouts, is around drinking, left alone scared of dark, and has a girlfriend of his own!!!!! Manipulation and enticement by mom! Her reasons do not make sense with everything we had on our side! May GOD have mercy on her for allowing his angels to be in the wrong hands. Basically she's a liar, not good at all !!!! Good luck to anyone who has her, and don't fall for her she's just a front with her so called knowledge and her dominating attitude.she didn't even want the judge to see the evidence and try to not let that happen because that's how she wins! CANALES is Not looking out for the best interest of the children!! She must be taking things personal maybe a man hurt her I wouldn't blame them for leaving her alone.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Claudia Canales.....
    Is got to be the worst lawyer I have ever been involved with. I really can't believe she is still practicing.I had her In a custody battle/ sexual allegations from my child against the father, Claudia was elected to our case as the Amicus and as usual she has the same repetitive pattern with most her cases as I see and read. I wouldnt be surprised if she was to come out in the news one day for the all the wrong she has caused to us good parents that have tried everything to keep and provide our kids with safety, anyhow,I came to her with great concern about the situation with my kiddo because I was aware of the danger she was put while she visited her Father who not only had drugs problems but was a extreme Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and everyone else would agree except CLAUDIA ofcourse! I as well provided some factual evidence of what was taking place. she continued to disregard all kind of evidence against the other party , she visited me once only to tell me NOT TO HAVE MY CHILD SEE OR TALK TO ANYONE BUT HER, not even go to play therapy, then, I NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!! NOT ONE PHONE CALL, NOTHING!! i guess is how she treats her clients like myself that only got her invoice via email. This attorney is not interested in details and DOES NOT have any desire to look at evidence of any sort at all!!. Claudia’s only answer to myself was that she knew who my ex was but unfortunately coulnd't help me!! later removed my ex from Safe and put me in it without reasons. I met other attorneys confirmed this too, she just seems to want parents to enter the SAFE program to see their children, regardless of the guidelines listed by the program. Even the people working at the SAFE program confirmed this. I personally did not see a professional person acting with any interest or caring for my kid.
    how does this woman is so well recognized and known in the court system??? someone like her should have her license removed immediately!!


    1.0 star

    Posted by WeNeedJustice!


    *I have her for years now.
    *She will bill you for anything!
    *She wont do anything on your case.
    * She was court appointed.
    * I wont recommend her not even to my worse enemy.

    Claudia Canales should have her professional license removed and should NOT be allowed to practice law. She is not only a heartless person,like it has been mention below on different comments but she is a liar, and deceiving person who thinks because she has contacts and knows how to intimidate you she can do with your case as she pleases, she told me a year ago today that if i didn't drop all charges against my x i will loose my child, and about two months later she removed my child and handed it over to my x who is a criminal!.. TRUST ME She cares less about the children's lives she affects everyday.
    I couldn't believe when she ignored my child's accusations against father, he was also placing my daughter in harms way during the visitations. I provided her pictures and evidence, but she refused to listen and on her first and only visit she told me for not saying threatening, not to take my child to see any counselor, psychologist at all and I ALSO DIDN'T HEAR FROM HER AGAIN , to me now that I see I'm not the only one who has been through this Hell with her, i can see she has a pattern, of course the only times i see her is in court to charge me money, but I never got a call or anything to ask about my daughter etc.but she will send her invoices very timely manner every month to you with billable hours I honestly can't believe that she has the right to handle the many lives of children. Just like she has ruined my child's life.& mine, She also put me through SAFE, and when I asked why am I in SAFE she didn't have an answer, nor does safe but I pray she will be investigated soon!

  • Worthless 'Lawyer'

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Claudia Canales should not be allowed to practice law. She is a heartless person, and could care less about the children's lives she effects everyday.

    The Father of my child was on drugs and I needed help proving that he was placing my daughter in harms way during the visitations. We hired on Claudia as an amicus hoping she would be able to help. I showed her pictures of the things he was involved in. I NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN AFTER SHE TOOK MY FIRST $1000 PAYMENT!!! SHE NEVER RESPONDED TO THE DISTURBING THINGS I SENT HER! NO EMAIL, PHONE CALL, NOTHING!!! That is, until she demanded the rest of her $1500 in court, which was also the first time I met her. Claudia will send load of invoices to you with billable hours, and you'll never hear from her. She is grossly negligent, and needs to be stripped of her rights to practice law. I honestly can't believe that she has the right to have the lives of so many children in her hands. Please beware of this heartless woman. She could have easily ruined my child's life. Thank God we had a judge that saw through her. The BAR is aware of what happened in our case. I hope she is stopped before she ruins a child's life.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by MARTHA