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Diane Duesler Clark

Diane Clark’s client reviews

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  • Moving Violation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Hired attorney

    Diane responded to my call quickly. She moved swiftly, answered all of my questions, got me a better outcome than I could image and did so with a friendly disposition. Not only would I use her again, but also would highly recommend her to anyone in need of services that she provides.

  • Fantastic Divorce Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mrs. Clark is very knowledgeable regarding family law. She guided me through the process and demonstrated a genuine concern for me and my children. She was dependable and available for any questions and concerns. I would recomend her to all my family and friends.

  • Family Law Excellence

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelli

    Diane Clark is very straightforward, she does not candy coat situations just to get your money. As grand parents seeking custody of our grand child, Diane told us upfront the battle we faced. It was her experience and in depth knowledge of Texas Family Law that won our custody case for us. She was always prepared and ready. Very personable and has the most wonderful paralegal.

    I can never thank you enough Diane Clark for what you have done for us. I recommend Diane to everyone.

  • Reformed legal self-help user

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Diane to assist with any legal matters. She has been instrumental in identifying, addressing, and resolving several issues related to a “self-help” divorce I recently went through. When my ex-wife and I began the self-help process, I was willing to be as giving to her as possible, at my expense. The decision to do a pro se divorce without the advice of an attorney is proving costly.

    To say I was my own worst client would have been an understatement. I went to a website which purported to provide legally admissible forms but no advice for several matters, but specifically related to divorce. I filled out all of the pertinent information and received a printed copy of my “divorce decree” for a grand total of about $90. That was the worst $90 I have ever spent in my life. Not only was the document incomplete, it didn’t give me the necessary and critical advice I would come to find I would need in order to have a fair divorce settlement.

    I hired Diane in May 2012 to help me correct some egregious errors, legal and personal, in my divorce. When I went to Diane she reviewed the Finalized Decree and promptly pointed out numerous errors and oversights I had made. These caused me to be placed in a position where I wouldn’t be able to exercise the joint custody of my children if my ex-wife didn’t agree to it as well as making any chance of having an extended possession period during the summer months impossible. Additionally, there were other areas related to property division and child support which were untenable for me.

    After hiring Diane, I am in a better financial position to provide for my children during my possession time. I am able to provide them with a better living situation during their time with me. And I am able to spend more than home time with them, in fact, we recently went on a vacation together something which would have been unheard of had I been in the situation I presented to Diane.

    Diane and Ann, her paralegal, have been extremely responsive to me. One or the other of them responds to my phone calls and emails quickly, typically within 24 hours. Additionally, when my ex-wife has created other delays in getting processes completed, Ann and Diane have been patient with me and given me advice on how to approach things to achieve a quick resolution.