Amber Renee Spurlock

Amber Renee Spurlock

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Hands-on experience with the instrument gives me the experience and knowledge to aggressively challenge your DWI breath test.
Trial Team in Bagdad, Iraq, for Army Captain charged with murder for ordering the deaths of two Iraqi civilians.
Iraq deployment 2009-2010
Learning Gas Chromatography from the man himself, Dr. Harold McNair.  An attorney MUST understand the science behind the blood test to adequately challenge your DWI.
Hands-on learning about how proper sample injection technique can affect the blood alcohol reading of a blood sample for DWI purposes.  Human error, as well as machine error, can give your blood test a false high result.
Great friends at our JAG School graduation ceremony in 2008.  Between the five of us, we have been stationed in, or deployed to, England, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Guantanamo, in addition to bases here in the United States.
Just another day in court!  Baghdad, Iraq - 2010 - worked as a Liaison Officer to the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, convoying into the Red Zone five days a week to prosecute Iraqi detainees for offenses such as kidnappings, beheadings, & IED detonations

About Me 

If you need aggressive representation to fight your DWI, Amber Spurlock uses her experience and training to challenge your case every step of the way. 


After years of prosecuting in Military Courts-Martial and Federal Courts while an Active Duty Air Force JAG, Amber Spurlock is excited to be back home in Texas defending clients facing criminal charges.  Over the past few years, she's focused on getting hands-on experience with the tests and instruments cops and prosecutors use against you when you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated.  


Whether you only did field sobriety tests or you also gave a blood or breath test, Ms. Spurlock has the experience and certifications to aggressively challenge your case. It's the extra step of becoming certified to both administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) and teach the SFST Certification Courses that gives her the edge to hold officers accountable.  


Working hands-on with the Intoxilyzer 5000, the breath test instrument, and the Gas Chromatograph, the instrument used to test your blood, she has the knowledge to extensively challenge both the human error and instrument error that often occurs during the tests, resulting in falsely high alcohol concentrations.


If you want educated, experienced, aggressive DWI defense on your side, contact Amber Spurlock at The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.  She will fight your case and get the results you want!