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Douglas Alan Broch

Douglas Broch’s Answers

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  • Can my boyfriend go to jail for a simple assault charge? If so, how long?

    He is 17. He had a fight with someone and they had to go to the hosptial. Can he go to jail? If so, how long?

    Douglas’s Answer

    If someone went to the hospital it could be more serious than a simple assault. Yes he could be arrested and taken to jail. Generally the first thing to do is call a bondsman and arrange to bail him out, then consult with an attorney in your area.

    Simple assault generally refers to a class C assault which is punishable by fine only. He can either be arrested or possibly just issued a citation. The bond is probably cheaper if it's a class c.

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  • I had 24 hours of community service,i finished 16 hours and now have to go to court,will i go to jail?

    I had 3 months to complete it,during the first 2 months my probation officer never sent my paperwork over to the place where i was doing my community service, therefor i could never start it,but funally when i could i was only able to get 16 hrs d...

    Douglas’s Answer

    The best thing would be to get it all completed before you go to court. Every court is different with regard to how they treat probation violations so it is impossible to speculate on the outcome. Try talking to the lawyer who handled the case originally.

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