Sarah P. Springer

Sarah P. Springer

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As a family lawyer, I have been through all of the types of matters that come through my office in my personal life.  I have been divorced, widowed, remarried.  I have dealt with child support issues and possession schedules.  My personal experiences help me empathise with my clients as they go through their periods of life transitions and the legal issues which pertain to those changes. 

I have elderly parents who have needed estate planning and trusts.  My father died this year at the age of 94, and we are hoping my mom keeps plugging for another decade or so--she is 93.  The estate plans and trusts I drafted for my own parents have made a huge difference in the way my father's estate will be handled and how business and health issues are addressed for my mom.

My husband is a retired petroleum geologist who teaches at Rice University as an adjunct professor and he also lectures on oil and gas issues around the country.  My son Kyle and his wife Anna live in Gainesville, Florida, and my son Colin is in the Navy, stationed at NAS Pensacola, Florida.

I loved my twelve years on the bench, but it has been a joy to return to law practice so that I can have the personal interactions with my clients from which I was isolated as a judge.  I get great satisfaction in helping my clients through difficult times in their lives, and in planning for their futures to avoid difficulties and pitfalls.