Damaris Gaytan Quijano

Damaris Gaytan Quijano

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The Law Office of Damaris G. Quijano is a General Law Practice and Mediation firm offering full bilingual services for the Spanish speaking community.  Focused in the areas of Family, Criminal, Immigration, and Real Estate Law. 


I am devoted to Pro Bono work and helping families be families despite their differences or bumps with the law.  I have been trained in mediation and negotiation, and volunteer with the Houston Dispute Resolutions Center.  I believe in the Alternative Dispute Resolutions movement and hope to guide people in resolving their disagreements through communication and compromise. 


We all lead busy lives and work hard to make a living.  I seek to be accessible to my clients, helping them deal with difficult situations when they happen, because life doesn't follow the rules.  You can schedule a consultation in the evenings and on weekends by appointment.  Please call to schedule at 832-641-2232 or visit my website at www.DamarisQuijanoLaw.com