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Patent Application - Composition and Method of Use for Protecting Knit Fabrics

Case Conclusion Date: 02.18.2014

Practice Area: Intellectual Property

Outcome: U.S Patent 8,652,294 Issued

Description: A composition for the protection of sheer hosiery comprising: a styrene polymer; an octylacrylamide / acrylates/butylaminoethyl methacrylate copolymer; a polyurethan-14 AMPacrylates copolymer; and an AMP-100 or triethynolamine emulsifier and surfactant; dissolved in a denatured alcohol / ethanol solvent and contained in a pump spray bottle. Said composition to be sprayed on a detected imperfection and the surrounding area, and being allowed to dry, binding in a flexible, natural manner the elongated and broken fibers of the material to the surrounding weave thus preventing further damage to the hosiery.

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