James Christopher Dean

James Christopher Dean

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Chris Dean on Channel 11 Houston about unsafe 18 wheelers

About Me 

Christopher is about helping people. In court with juries and out of court with settlements, all over our great nation. He knows his clients, who they are, where they have been and where they want to go, and their need for a helping hand. His clients get to know him, too.


"Helping people in need seems to be a root in my family tree,” says Christopher. “My dad was a surgeon, my four older brothers are surgeons, and my sister is a physical therapist.” Being a trial lawyer and the youngest in a family of doctors can be tough, however. “You can imagine how popular I am at family picnics.”


Outside of his faith and family, Christopher’s passion is the fight that comes with the job. He has been blessed by many successes:


  • Fellow lawyers believe in Christopher’s ethics and skill by rating him AV, the highest ranking available. (AV Peer Review Rating)


  • The 212th Judicial District Court of Galveston County, Texas appointed Christopher as Liaison Counsel in the BP Texas City Explosion case;


  • Christopher has won jury verdicts for patients who were victims of medical malpractice;


  • His peers voted him Super Lawyer in 2005 and 2007;


  • Christopher has won jury verdicts for those killed or horribly injured by truck accidents and car wrecks;


  • He is an invited speaker to his colleagues’ continuing education programs; and


  • Christopher has reached hundreds of out-of-court settlements for his clients.


Christopher's professional pride stems from his experience to see his clients'case through. "I have fought all phases of the war: the pretrial, the trial, and the appeal."