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Pheobe S. Smith

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  • I have been driving on the i10 in Chambers County. Had $75,000 in cash seized under chapter 59. Need help getting it back

    I was stopped, and never consented to a girlfriend was questioned and admitted to having less than a gram of marijuana. As she opened the glove box to retrieve the marijuana the police officer grabbed the bag with 75k in it. I was not...

    Pheobe’s Answer

    You have a limited amount of time to respond to the State's forfeiture suit. You should have been served with a forfeiture petition. The best thing for you to do is to contact an attorney that handles forfeiture cases. Chambers county is between Houston and Beaumont and there are lots of lawyers in both cities. Good luck and remember that you are under a time limitation!

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  • Can my wife be charged for hacking into my messenger

    my wife hacked into my messenger list twice and has changed the password is it legal to charge her for hacking

    Pheobe’s Answer

    Recently the Texas Legislature passed H.B. 2003 which became Section 33.07 of the Texas Penal Code. This creates a new crime of online harassment and makes it a 3rd degree felony if a person uses the name or persona of another to create a web page or to post one or more messages on a commercial networking site without obtaining the other person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or the other person. It also makes it a class A (Misdemeanor) to send an electronic communication that references any identifying information belonging to any person without obtaining that person's consent, with the intent to harm or defraud any person.

    Depending on the facts of the case, and whether you intend to continue to be married, you may want to file a report with a police officer or call you local district attorney's office.

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