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Robert Bruce Goss

About Robert Goss

About me

I have spent my adult life trying to help those in need.


For 21 years I was a U.S. Air Force pilot and officer, and protected the United States, it's citizens, and Allies.  I am a combat veteran.  I am also a disabled veteran.


Today I protect and help clients facing legal issues ranging from consumers facing landlord-tenant issues, homeowners who have issues with construction defects, advise health care providers with their employment contracts or formation of their business entity, to my passion of helping veterans who are seeking benefits from the VA.


Assisting Veterans obtain and fight for their VA Disability Benefits is my passion.  As a disabled veteran myself, not only do I understand the frustration veterans face in the hampster-wheel process of the VA benefits process.  Not only do I understand the veterans, I am an expert in VA Law. 


As a VA Accredited Attorney, I know the VA laws and regulations.  This knowledge allows me to assist veteran's obtain their benefits.  The VA is overwhelmed with case files.  An average Decision Review Officer has around 3000 cases assigned to them.  They do not have the time to read each page and determine how the veteran needs to support their case with evidence.  Instead the average VA rater reads to find errors and then denies the claim.


As an experienced VA Accrediated attorney I know how to develop the evidence to support your VA claim.


In my private life, I love my 4 children and when they were younger I was a baseball manager & coach while on active duty.  I am active in my church, enjoy gardening, raising citrus and tropical trees and plants, and being with my friends and family.



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