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Michael Emory Clark

About Michael Clark

About me

I am honored to accept referrals and confidential inquiries from private practitioners, corporate counsel, professionals, or executives who need advice, trial counsel, someone to lead an internal investigation, or to assist them with other corporate governance matters. I work closely with other counsel to ensure that clients are getting appropriate advice.


A little more about me and my beliefs


I'm also an author, leader, and a part-time academic. While I stay quite busy with my professional obligations, there is far more to life than being an attorney--which can be an all-consuming profession. I value time with my family and consider myself to be, more importantly, a loving husband, father, and a Christian. And, from having worked since my teens, I appreciate the importance of hard work and in taking pride in what I do.


So much is at stake when people hire a lawyer that nothing less than giving it your best is sufficient. That does not mean, however, that an attorney must be a jerk to be effective. Instead, being an effective advocate means caring about your client, being professional and courteous other lawyers, and with court personnel, and government officials. 


I put myself through law school while working full time. Later in my career, when I reached a very advanced position at a young age within the federal government as a prosecutor, I felt I needed to put my skills and experience to their best use--which led me into private practice. Before doing so, however, I returned to law school and obtained an advanced degree (an LL.M. in Tax Law) while working full time.


I was recruited into a blue chip firm in Houston, and a friend convinced me to get another LL.M. (Health Law) to further hone my knowledge and skills in this arcane area of practice. After obtaining this third law degree, I have maintained my ties with academia by teaching as much as my time permits.


At bottom, I am a blessed individual. I have many good friends and colleagues, a wonderful family, and believe that I have been blessed with the God-given talent and strength to serve others effectively. I still have the passion and desire to excel and to leverage my skills to the best of my abilities.


Disclaimer: The information in my profile does not create an attorney-client relationship, and it is not intended to constitute advertising. Answers provided to questions are solely offered for informational purposes and do not constitute legal advice.

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