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In the December, 2013 and December, 2014 issues of Houstonia Magazine I was recognized as one of the top family law attorneys in the Houston area.  I did not pay for this recognition & was pleasantly surprised to have been chosen to receive this honor for 2 years in a row.

I encourage people to mediate their case instead of allowing a stranger (a judge) to determine what is best for their children.  YOU know what will work best for your family. Mediation offers you more options than the judge can order.

I handle mediations at the beginning of a divorce (temporary orders) and the mediation right before trial (final orders). Sometimes I actually do the temporary orders mediation and the mediation at the end of the case.  

I am able to mediate afternoons, night & week-ends to accommodate most people's busy schedules.  Convenient location & free parking.  Casual, safe & cozy atmosphere. 

My prices are set to make mediation affordable to everyone.  A 4-hour mediation is $300 per side  (or $600 for 4 hours) then $75 per party per hour ($150 total hourly)  if you decide to continue past the initial 4-hour session.  I only schedule one mediation per day so that I am not rushed to finish your mediation session.

Most mediations are one session, however, since the parties are in control of the mediation process, there are times that the parties have wanted to have leave and gather additional information then return to complete the process. 

When acting as a mediator, I am unable to act as an attorney.  Therefore, I urge parties to retain legal counsel.  I am also unable to prepare legal documents.  I can give you the names of some affordable attorneys - but you make the final decision as to the attorney you hire to draft the final paperwork. 

The Mediated Legal Agreement is written in plain, easy to understand English so an attorney will need to prepare the final paperwork in "legaleze" for a Judge to sign. 

I am also willing to prepare the required paperwork for uncontested family law (paternity, child support, child custody, modification, divorce, etc.) if everyone is in agreement and there are no outstanding issues to "fight" over. 

I currently serve on the boards of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity-Houston Alumni Chapter, Association for Conflict Resolution-Houston Chapter and Texas Association of Mediators.