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David Mira Stiles III

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  • My 34 year old daughter was sent home by one hospital and passed away 5 days later at another hospital with meningitis.

    She was visiting a friend in another state and within a day complained of severe headache, neck pain, and was vomiting nonstop. Her friend called me and I could hear her yelling and moaning in the background. I told the friend to call an ambulance...

    David’s Answer

    You do not need a probate lawyer for this issue. You need to find an attorney that handles medical malpractice cases. I can't tell which state's laws would apply from your fact scenario. There are a lot of restrictions and limitations on these types of cases depending on the jurisdction. You should contact a lawyer that handles medical malpractice in the state where this happened.

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  • My mother would sign where ever you pointed. My sister took her to the bank to open new accounts & made herself beneficiary.

    After my stepfather died (he took care of all the business and bill paying), my sister took my mother to the bank and helped her change accounts and put herself down as beneficiary. I just found out she did this after contacting her bank. My mothe...

    David’s Answer

    You have options, but I agree with the comments before mine. It is most important to contact a lawyer to discuss details. Be prepared to discuss the size of the estate, your mother's medical history, mental capacity in recent years, supporting medical records, etc...

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