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Daragh John Carter

Daragh Carter’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    Outstanding Attorney

    Daragh assisted us when my wife was in an auto accident where she was hit head-on by a teenage driver while she was texting on her way to school. That accident totaled our car and also required my wife to have spinal surgery. Daragh did a phenomenal job for us as he handled all the details and managed expectations regarding the entire process. He ensured that we were not only fully compensated for the accident but that we were covered for likely expenses that we may be faced with in the future. He helped us navigate this process very smoothly and expertly managed all the dealings with various insurance companies.

    I would highly recommend Daragh, he is a true professional that is very easy to work with.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “Thank you Tim. Having had low back surgery myself I like to think I can empathize a little better than most with clients who suffer disc injuries in their spine.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    18-wheeler accident

    I was involved in an 18-wheeler accident and hired Daragh Carter to represent me. Daragh is very knowledgeable and willing to fight for his clients. He filed a lawsuit when the insurance company wasn't willing to pay and he I was very happy with the resolution.
    Daragh is easy to work with and was available to answer my questions when I needed him.
    I would not hesitate to hire Daragh Carter again the future. In fact, I have referred several family members and friends to him since my accident.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “This was an interesting case. An insurance company representative arrived at the scene before the police did and asked my client to give a statement and sign a document stating she wasn't injured. That's the kind of thing the public thinks attorneys invent to make insurance companies the bogeyman! Glad I got your case worked out for you Kimberly; sorry your brand new van got damaged.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Raj

    My First Experience with a Lawyer in an Accident case

    I was never sure of what to do after I met with an accident in October 2014 with plenty of opinions on the how to deal with insurance companies and on how and which lawyer to engage.

    Now having settled the claim to my expectations , I believe meeting and engaging Mr. Daragh Carter was the best thing I did. I never felt one bit uncomfortable or out of touch on the developments all along in the process. Mr. Carter was very responsive and his honest guidance very valuable. I really appreciate his and his team's services in my case.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “Thank you for trusting me with your case Raj. I take particular satisfaction in representing people who have been injured by a drunk driver.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jake

    Highly recommended

    I was in an accident two years ago, and was scrolling through the internet and found an ad for Daragh. I entered my information not knowing what would come of it. I received a reply back which was followed by a phone call, that turned out to be the start of my case. I was unsure at first, I had never been in an accident before and didn't know what to expect. My wife and I met with Daragh and he explained everything very thoroughly to us and made us feel right at home with our decision to use him. I was assured he would take care of everything from start to finish and he kept his word completely. I was informed of everything every step of the way. I could not recommend a better choice for a lawyer, honesty and integrity were high priorities right off the bat. It was unfortunate that I was involved in the accident but I had good representation all the way through to the end.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “Thanks for the positive feedback Jake. Glad I was able to get your third party and underinsured motorist claims resolved.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Mr. Daragh Carter - Exceptional Attorney

    It was a pleasure working with Mr. Daragh Carter and his staff. I found Mr. Carter to be incredibly professional while maintaining a kind and caring dimenor. Mr. Carter was always attentive and available to answer my questions. Mr. Carter is exemplary and a credit to his field. I will recommend Mr. Carter and Smith and Hassler to anyone that is needing an attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Teresa

    Daragh is Awesome!

    I was hit by a cement truck in June of 2014. My car was totaled and I was really uncertain on what my next steps should be. The radio and television stations are filled with personal injury attorneys and I had difficulty choosing one that I felt had my personal interest at heart. I had many questions and concerns and stumbled accross Avvo one evening. Daragh was the one that answered my questions. He spoke with me the next morning and he was so down to earth and ginuine that I had no doubt I wanted him to be my attorney. He was very attentive and answered all my questions no matter what time of day or night I asked him. Daragh makes you feel really comfortable and you never feel like you are "just a client". I walked away with a nice settlement and the fact that I made the right decision in choosing my representation. I would recommend Daragh to anyone. He is awesome!

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “You have been a pleasure to represent, I am glad we were able to get your case resolved.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Simone

    Daragh is the best!

    Daragh worked with me on an injury that resulted in two surgeries and a painful recovery. He is very personable, made the process easy to understand and kept me fully informed. He did a thorough job of validating my claim by researching the conditions that resulted in the injury. I felt comfortable during the deposition since he had prepared me for the event. He did a GREAT job on deposing the opposite party. I would highly recommend Daragh to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Neal

    Knowledgeable, fair counsel with a great sense of humor

    I've turned to Daragh a few times for legal advice and I'm always impressed with his approach - balanced. Like most clients, I initially bring emotion to the questions (after all, I'm seeking legal counsel) but before rushing to a conclusion, he asks questions to get to the true heart of the matter. It's usually through this process that I also take a more measured approach to the situation and begin to consider the difference between how I might view something vs how the law might see the same event. It's helpful to have a person that can provide that kind of perspective because it really is the best advice you can get in a situation where your first thought is to pursue legal action.

    I mentioned his sense of humor in the title and it's worth mentioning again. While practicing the law requires a certain focus, attention to detail and seriousness, it's certainly welcome to have some comic relief during stressful times. Professionalism and humor can coexist, and working with Daragh will illustrate this point.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    Top Attorney!

    Attorney Daragh Carter definitely is a top attorney that goes above and beyond helping his clients. After I was in a car accident he handled my case and dealt with the insurance companies, medical bills, reimbursements etc. He was available and very responsive to any questions I had. He is a very humble, honest person that seems very genuine in wanting to help people. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends if they are ever in need.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “Glad to have represented you. Sorry your new Suburban got bashed!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    December 2013

    In December 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, a driver failed to yield right of way and turned into my lane of travel. Totaled motorcycle, hospital visit, broken arm, beginning stages of bruising. Two days later I receive an official looking letter in the mail telling me what “I MUST SUBMIT” because I was involved in an accident. My immediate thought was, “I am in over my head to try this alone.” My first thought was what Denny Crane would do if he were being bullied. I take my bruised and aching body to the nearest location.
    There I was greeted immediately by the receptionist, I was then introduced to Daragh John Carter. Immediate impression:
    1. Clean cut/Professional dress.
    2. Firm handshake.
    3. Articulate.
    From that moment on for the next three years Mr. Carter became my lawyer. Mr. Carter sat down with my wife and I and explained what was going to happen next. I cannot remember every detail of our first meeting but what I do remember is hearing the words, “You are to not worry about anything else except getting better. We will take care of the rest.”
    For the next three years there was never a lapse in communication on his behalf. I was made aware of every single decision that had an impact on my case. I was sent a monthly update of where the discussions stood with the insurance company. In the entire time of the case I may have asked a total of five questions. Why? Because Mr. Carter answered every question I would have prior to me even actually asking it. It was his attention to details that truly impressed me.
    When it became time to meet with opposing counsel face to face I had absolutely no worries that I would leave the table with enough money to compensate me and make me whole. I was right not to worry, I have enough money now that I am able to make some lifestyle improvements.

    Daragh John Carter’s response: “You were a pleasure to represent. Call me if you ever need help with a legal question, even if it isn't something I typically handle.”