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Galvin B. Kennedy

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  • Can we sue for libel or slander?

    Recently my husband was given the option of being terminated or to resign. He chose resignation. With changes in his working environment we were not surprised by this. However, it has come to light that there was another reason as well. One of...

    Galvin’s Answer

    To make a claim for libel or slander, your husband would have to prove, among other things, that a false factual statement was made. Many people mistakenly believe that all false statements can be made the basis of a slander claim. "False" opinions, if such a thing even exists, cannot for the basis of a slander claim. So, for example, if the statement published to the senior management was something like, "I believe John is looking for another job," the person making the statement might raise the defense that the statement was merely one of opinion. The strength of the claim is highly dependent on the facts in your particular case. I wish you the best of luck.

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