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Matthew Ryan Montes

Matthew Montes’s Legal Guides

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  • Helping Your Attorney Help You - What you can do to help your attorney expunge or seal your record.

    Attorneys have many resources to access in order to advocate for your rights. To help him/her be a faster and more effective attorney, there is some simple easy information that you can provide to help move your expunction or non-disclosure along. The following information is re...

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  • Sealing a Juvenile Record in Texas - Who is Eligible and Who is Not?

    Despite popular belief, a juvenile's record is not automatically sealed upon turning the age of 18. This means that anyone of a "legitimate interest," such as potential employers, college admissions personnel, law enforcement agencies, and potential landlords are readily able to ...

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  • Texas Non-disclosures - Who is Eligible?

    Deferred adjudication is a viable option in many criminal cases because it offers the defendant a guaranteed dismissal upon completion of court-ordered terms similar to community supervision. While successful completion of deferred adjudication ultimately dismisses the case, it ...

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  • Texans' Right to an Expunction discussed.

    Under Texas law, the legislature granted Texans the right to an expunction under Article 55.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. This code enumerates a finite set of circumstances under which an expunction may be granted. The following discusses when an expunction may be granted:

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