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Tamorah Christine Butts

Tamorah Butts’s Legal Guides

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  • Common Types of Estate Administration in Texas

    The administration of an estate involves the following steps • Determine and pay debts and expenses of the decedent/estate • File final income tax returns • File estate tax return, if necessary

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  • What to Accomplish in Your First Meeting with Your Estate Planning Attorney

    You should know the answers to the following questions after your meeting with your attorney: • What type of administration will be necessary? • Approximately when will the court hearing be? • W

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  • Preparing for your meeting with your probate attorney

    Make a list of the assets in the estate. After the funeral and burial have been arranged, consider making a list of the assets of the deceased family member prior to meeting with your attorney. When

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  • What is the Role of My Attorney?

    Services generally offered by your attorney. In addition to probating the Will when necessary, the attorney coordinates the administration of the estate or trust by providing the following services:

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  • What to do After the Death of a Loved One

    Make arrangements for the funeral and burial. When a family member dies, arrangements for the funeral and burial should be made. Sometimes, the deceased family member has life insurance which names

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