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Robert Bamberger Greiwe

About Robert Greiwe

About me

I long wanted to become an attorney and have always found enjoyment in helping others.  When I was younger, I would spend my summers teaching swim lessons and various sports while working as a camp counselor. I would often volunteer at retirement homes, reading books or serving meals. 

Towards the end of high school, my love for music and the arts began to bloom.  I had always enjoyed singing and my junior year I joined a band, as its singer.  After winning our high school’s “Battle of the Bands,” we decided to take the music more seriously.  We began playing show at various venues around the state of Texas.  We recorded three CDs.  Each band member was responsible for assisting in the writing process.  I helped write the music and lyrics of each of our songs.  I found that music could connect to people in a way that positively affected their moods. I found joy not only in expressing myself, but also in writing music that could help others connect to and express their own feelings.  Robert's Band photo

As a result of playing music, I became more comfortable speaking in front of groups of people.  Playing shows around the state allowed me to meet a wide range of people with an even wider range of personalities.  I was able to see how something that meant one thing to me meant something completely different to someone else.  This has helped me see cases from different perspectives.  Writing music has helped me as a legal writer, as well.  In music as with the law, there is a need for clear and concise storytelling.  The best musicians and lawyers are those who can take something unbelievably complicated or intricate and make it sound smooth and easily understandable.

Besides playing music, I grew up playing team sports.  This is where I get my competitive nature.  (My parents get some credit for my competiveness).  I learned that the best competitors are those who push themselves, and the game, to the limits.  They do so, not to break the rules, but to maximize their potential.  I never wanted someone to “out work” me.  I hated losing.  Nothing hurts more than being “favored” and losing because the other guy/team cared more or worked harder than you did.

I still hate to lose.  And because of this, I refuse to let myself be out worked.

Today, when I am not lawyering, I am playing music or sports.  While the old band no longer plays shows around the city or state, I still write music on my own, as well as, get together with friends to play the guitar and sing.  I play basketball in various leagues and at gyms around Houston.  On Sunday afternoons, you can usually find me with a group of friends playing dodge ball or flag football on the Rice University athletic fields.