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Peyton Zimmerman Peebles III

About Peyton Peebles

About me


     I am committed to protecting my client's rights. I am an experienced lawyer, former prosecutor, and former peace officer. I have handled cases from the lowest level trial courts to the United States Supreme Court. Even though my cases can be complex, however, my clients appreciate the way I can explain them in an easy to understand manner. 


     I’ve handled hundreds of criminal cases at the trial level as well as over 300 criminal cases on appeal or in other post-conviction areas (habeas writs, DNA actions, etc.). I’ve argued cases before the Texas Supreme Court’s criminal branch as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. I’ve also handled cases in federal appellate courts and, twice, in the United States Supreme Court. These are all criminal cases.   


     During the 80th Texas Legislature I helped lead a legislative review committee for criminal law bills. Around the same time, former Texas Bar president Gib Walton selected me to sit on the State Bar committee for the Rules of Evidence. I served three years in that capacity, helping to review and improve our Texas Rules of Evidence. 


     Now I bring this knowledge and experience to people like YOU, relentlessly representing clients in all courts and on all types of charges.

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