Harris County DA's office needs to get rid of Natalie Schultz! She is a terrible attorney, who does not give victims accurate information and at times fails to give them any information (ex. She did not tell me the date of the plea bargain in my case had been changed. When I found out, she did not take any responsibility, and only requested a date change after I went to Jim Leitner, the first DA and her and her supervisor (Cameron Calligan)'s boss. In addition, she never takes responsibility for her actions, and instead she blames everyone else. On top of that she told me that the criminal did not have a felony past, which I later found out after my own investigation was not true. The criminal DID have a felony past. I have had problems with Natalie Schultz almost from day one, and these problems were so bad that I had to go to Cameron Calligan, her boss, and Jim Leitner, the first DA, for assistance multiple times. In fact, I have filed a complaint the the Texas State Bar against her for professional misconduct!