Used fear to get me to plea out and I paid him $2,000. He said it did not matter that I was not guilty, I was taking a huge risk that a jury was risky and you never know what a jury would do. He also said the court is getting pressured to prosecute. This made no sense, but because I had never been involved in the law or anything criminal, I was scared and ignorant. He played on my fear, ignorance & innocence. I said I will NOT plea any form of GUILTY, because I didn't do anything! Then I was forced into requesting a plea deal of probation in fear that I could go to jail for something I didn't do even though I kept saying I wanted to fight it. He kept wearing me down as I waited in the hallway. Then when I went in to plea, the judge looked at the case and was disgusted that I was even there. It was too late to change anything. Then I was told when signing the paperwork that it was same as guilty! I totally got SCREWED!!!!! It looks like he was hoping to juice me for an expungement too!