Cari L. Starritt-Burnett exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond for her clients. I had met Cari, for the first time, immediately after terminating my last attorney, for lack of service, in my divorce case.  I had such a dis-heartening experience and frustrating disaster with them, that I had lost all faith in finding a moral attorney. Then I meet Cari L. Starritt-Burnett.  She absolutely blew me away with her professionalism, courtesy and sensitivity with my case. I met with Cari at 9:30 am and by the end of the  same day at 4pm, Cari and her assistant Candy Manibusan, had my petition completed, forms for filing with the county ready and all my copies waiting for me to walk through the door. Cari L. Starritt-Burnett and  her assistant , Candy, manage to accomplish, in one day, what took my ex-lawyer, 3- 1/2 weeks and they only had part of my petition done and had never even filled with the county to start my 60 days.
 Cari also covered issues and things that my ex-lawyer had not even mentioned Cari was very detailed and considerate. She has a very firm grasp of the law and all that it entails. She doesn't waist any time and I love that. 
  Cari L. Starritt-Burnett is absolutely, with out a doubt, a moral human being who genuinely cares for her clients and their situations. Cari was frustrated right along with me for all that I had to endure before coming to her. Seigman, Starritt-Burnett, Sinkfield,  will have a life long client with me and my entire family, should we require ANY type of legal services. They are on the ball, professional, understanding, competent, skilled in time management and down to earth. I feel completely confident in Cari' s hands. God Bless her for being so amazing!