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Joseph L. Jordan

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Military Law client

    Bulldog Of A Lawyer That Will Fight For You

    While reviewing my military records I found that I was being investigated by OSI, which could result in jail time and a dishonorable discharge. After making a few phone calls Mr. Jordan came highly recommended to me by a friend who had hired him for a similar case. Mr. Jordan advised I invoke my Article 31 rights and remain silent. During my initial interview OSI told me I would need to provide a DNA sample, which I did not feel comfortable with. After speaking to Mr. Jordan about their request he promptly contacted OSI and made them present him with the regulations that gave them authority to collect my DNA. From this point forward I heard nothing from the military side about my investigation, which was very unnerving not knowing what was going to happen to my military career. This investigation was part of a witch hunt where the government was looking for a scape goat to take the fall for several unfounded allegations. I would speak with Mr. Jordan once every couple of weeks about my case, and he would always offer me reassurance about the situation. Mr. Jordan consistently contacted base legal to ask what my status was, and fight to have the investigation against me dropped. This investigation prevented me from reenlisting and receiving a hefty bonus. Just one week prior to my bonus expiring I was presented with a LOR and the investigation was over, and I was able to reenlist and receive my bonus. I know that my investigation ended on a positive note for me because of Mr. Jordan's hard work and dedication, if it were not for him repeatedly contacting legal I believe they would have let this case drag on for many more months. Mr. Jordan saved my career and kept money in my pocket. He comes highly recommended.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Military Law client

    Heavy Hitting Lawyer

    My son faced a summary court martial. Joseph Jordan did his homework. He fought hard for my son. He ensured my son was given a fair sentence. Most importantly, he ensured my son did not receive a dishonorable discharge.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Enzo

    Defense Attorney

    Mr. Jordan represented me in my court appearance, where I was wrongly accused of a crime, in which my livelihood, retirement, and freedom were in jeopardy.

    Our first meeting was thorough and in-depth and we discussed my case for 90 minutes, only later did I find out that he was at his wedding rehearsal. This shows that his dedication to his clients is extraordinary. He could have easily asked what the facts were in the case and set up an appointment the following week, when it was more convenient for him. Mr. Jordan was concerned for my well-being and was the first person that brought me calm in my time of need. He was confident, dedicated, diligent, and worked long hours, and was committed to ensuring justice was done.

    I most heartily recommend Mr. Jordan as a defense attorney, he not only won my case but I feel I have made a lasting friend.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Troy Garrity


    It is has been my experience that one does not walk though life without at one time or another having to face the graver circumstances of life regarding his or herself, or a family member or loved one.There are but a few individuals who have dedicated their life and professional practice to see that the rights of individual and the accused are defended and upheld as our unwavering Constitution of the United States promises. I recently had a family member accused of a crime. Through my research I was fortunate enough to make contact with attorney Joseph Jordan. I have worked in criminal defense as an Investigator and mitigation specialist for seventeen years. For the first time I had to experience the reality of how high the stakes are for all involved in a criminal legal action as a family member. Joseph took the bull by horns and single handedley saved my family members career and secured his already upstanding reputation.Thank you once again Joseph Jordan.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Sexual Assault Defense Case

    Mr. Jordan was retained to defend our son who was falsely accused of sexual assault by his wife. Mr. Jordan skillfully unraveled her bazaar allegations as there wasn't any proof to support her claims. As a result, Mr. Jordan was successful in a NOT GUILTY verdict for our son. We highly recommend Mr. Jordan for anyone needing legal representation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Samuel

    Review Joseph L. Jordan

    The best lawyer that I know. Thank you Mr. Jordan. You got me great results.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Military Law client

    UCMJ Law Specialist

    Mr. Jordan,

    I would like to tell you again thank you so much for your dedication, honesty, sincerity and hard work. I know you worked more hours and far harder than any other attorney I could have hired. Without your expertise, knowledge and dedication, I know I would not be in the position I'm in today--for that I'm forever thankful.

    I was on terminal leave and recalled back. Was given no reason and told I needed to talk with OSI. After two weeks of my CC lying, I received an email from AFPC saying my retirement was cancelled.

    I called Mr. Jordan who immediately told me to me not to speak with anyone. He got the CC's number and called him. The CC lied; said he didn't know anything. He called the prosecution; they lied.

    10 months later--still under a no-contact order, the gov preferred charges--Violation of Art 81, Art 132 (2 specifications) and Art 134 (3 specifications). I was looking at 28 years, DD, reduction to E-1 and total forfeitures. Everything I had worked for over 20 years could be gone.

    Mr. Jordan suggested we retain USAF ADC to assist in this complex case. To ensure the governments advantage was not unmatched, Mr. Jordan knew just who to call--a friend and colleague he had went to law school with--Capt Robert Crayne.

    The Art 32 investigation was a joke. Mr Jordan knew the gov had already made its mind up to go to trial--the Art 32 was a formality. Rather than fight, Mr. Jordan and Capt Crayne used the Art 32 to our advantage, finding out the governments theory and strategy in this case.

    From the 32 until trial, Mr. Jordan put in countless hours over weeks unraveling the complexities of the case. Pouring over hundreds of pages of documents, interviewing current and former employees--understanding and exposing contractors corrupt accounting practices--Mr Jordan was able to understand, then decipher exactly what was happening. Mr Jordan and Capt Crayne knew, and were ready to defend their theory on the case.

    The prosecution team for my trial was the same team that prosecuted one of my alleged co-conspirators, furthering the governments advantage.

    At trial, the gov stacked the deck with LtCol's and Majors making up the majority of the panel. One of the members had knowledge of the case--he was friends with my lying commander. Mr. Jordan exposed this prosecution-friendly panel member.

    The gov witnesses were all, conveniently, granted immunity; yet another difficult obstacle to overcome. I'd been isolated from everyone for 461 days, now all these people testifying against me have immunity.

    During the trial, he unraveled the prosecution's case exposing their lies while presenting my side of the story.

    Ultimately, I was found guilty of obstructing justice and soliciting others to obstruct justice. These charges stemmed from me trying to "make things right". In the eyes of the law, if you try to do the right thing you are guilty of obstructing justice. When all the witnesses have immunity, you're fighting an almost unwinnable battle. I was looking at 10 years, DD, reduction to E-1 and total forfeitures.

    At sentencing, the gov asked for 8 months confinement, reduction to E-4 and a BCD. This would leave me with nothing. Mr Jordan and Capt Crayne presented an excellent sentencing package to the panel. The panel returned with a one grade reduction and a LOR. My retirement benefits were saved. In clemency, this sentence could be reduced further.

    Joseph Jordan is a great man and one hell of a lawyer--undaunted by the gov's ability to stack the deck against the client. I'm proud to call him a friend. His experience allows him to tell your story and explain the truth to the panel in a manner they will understand.

    If you ever have legal trouble within the UCMJ, shut your mouth, say nothing, and call Joseph Jordan

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    He knows what he is doing.

    I was going through an accusation and had called Mr. Jordan for assistance. He explained everything to me in full detail. He is a very professional and reasonable Attorney.