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William K. Altman

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  • If I want to become a corporate lawyer, what business specialty should I take in college?

    I know for sure that I want to major in business before I go to law school.

    William’s Answer

    Any specialty will suffice. Accounting and Finance are helpful. However, your emphasis should be on matching your aptitudes with subjects. The better the match the more likely you will have higher satisfaction and grades. High grades are critical to your career in the beginning. I strongly recommend organizations like Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation ( for aptitude testing. It will prove to be valuable to you.

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  • Am I being cheated? Should i find another attorney?

    I was in an automobile accident March 2012 i was injured my son was with me also he was only shaken and had nightmares from the impact, a few days later (maybe) a week,he suffered two ear infections, i hired an attorney and i feel as though they ...

    William’s Answer

    Every situation is different. No other lawyer can give you good advice without knowing all the facts. You should have a meeting with your attorney and ask him (or her) to explain in detail why he or she is suggesting that you settle. A good lawyer will have no problem explaining the reasons for the advice. I certainly hope that you researched the lawyer before you hired he or she.

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  • Hi there, my husband was rear ended over the weekend and I just wanted to know what we are entitled to in Texas?

    He was hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of us. Police came but did not file a report and the majority of the damage is to our car. Are we entitled to any compensation for the inconvenience...the other insurance company is certian...

    William’s Answer

    Patrick Scott gave you an excellent answer. There are several good lawyers in your area that will give you advice without charge for the first visit or phone call. If you don't find one call Patrick (click on his name and you will see his profile and #).

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  • Should I sign Affidavit regarding the release of Bodily Injury Limit?

    I was at fault in a car accident recently. After checking out OK at the scene of the accident, the driver and passenger have presented an injury claim against me. My insurance company has asked for me to release my Bodily Injury Limit to their att...

    William’s Answer

    The attorney is doing "due diligence." He might be negligent in asking his clients to settle without obtaining evidence of insurance coverage. Sometimes there is more than one insurance policy that would cover a wreck. For example, you might be driving a friend's car. the friend may have insurance and you may have insurance on your car - both policies may cover the wreck. the questions for the most part are standard inquiries. However, I would suggest that you do not sign anything requiring you to "fess up to the accident." That is not a necessary part of the inquiry about insurance coverage.

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  • Have a wrongful death lawsuit since 1998, settle in 2008, suppose to receive payment in 2011,

    Can't seem to get in touch with lawyer, is there's any step I can take to push for payment, it's been13 years waiting. What advice can you give me?

    William’s Answer

    Go to There you can look up the lawyer and his current contact information. There you can contact the Disciplinary Counsel and, if necessary file a complaint.

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  • Do I need to settle with my insurance?

    I was rear-ended which resulted in my car being totaled. The at fault driver 's insurance had expired. She got her insurance reinstated that day. We have the same insurance company. The insurance is not going to pay her claim so my insurance is no...

    William’s Answer

    Call an attorney in your area that handles personal injury cases. Ask the attorney if the first office visit is free. Most attorneys who practice in this area will talk to you in an initial office visit without charge. I do not practice in AL so I can't give you any more than a general answer.

    In most states it is common to settle property damage claims without settling an injury claim. But, this can be tricky and I've seen adjusters mislead folks.

    You have not stated what coverage you have on your policy. You may have coverage that pays on your medical bills or lost time from work. You may have uninsured motorist coverage that pays your damages that the other driver should be responsible for.

    If your insurance company pays for your car they have a subrogation claim against the other driver which means they own that part of your claim to cover what they paid. It is becoming very common for insurance companies to sue the other driver to get their money back and, if they do, they may be required to collect your deductible.

    As you can see from the comments above there is good reason to call an attorney and ask for some advice. Most attorneys who practice in this area will candidly tell you whether you would benefit from his or her service. If you have one visit to the doctor and no need for follow up treatment it is probably not cost effective to hire a lawyer and you will likely be told that.

    If you are wondering why an attorney would talk to you the first time without charge the answer is that while you may not hire the attorney now you, a family member, or friend may need his or her help in the future. If you are treated courteously you will remember the help he/she gave you and hire or refer someone to them in the future.

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  • Wrongful death settlement amount?

    My son is involved in a suit for the wrongful death of his father. He was not currently employed at the time of his death, but stayed home with the kids and kept home. He was 22 and had aspirations of being a minister. Our son was ten months old a...

    William’s Answer

    You have valid questions, but any lawyer trying to answer would not have enough information to help you. Why are you waiting until the day before the hearing? Your lawyers have an obligation to adequately and completely answer all your questions to your satisfaction. I am assuming that your are a party to the claim or lawsuit as the parent or next friend of your son.

    You may want to call your lawyers and tell them that you want to meet more than one day before the hearing. You are entitled to adequate time to consider your actions and I'm certain that your lawyers will take time to answer your questions and concern if you tell them that you would like to visit with them.

    Frankly, I don't understand why you haven't met with your attorneys before now to discuss your questions? This is normally done before a hearing of any kind is scheduled. It is possible that you misunderstand the purpose of the "hearing." Your questions seem to imply that there is a hearing set to deal with a settlement. This may not be correct. Either way call your attorney and ask for more information.

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  • Car accident, police ruled it was my fault, but other driver had a expired license and was not register for rental car.

    I was involved in a car accident. I was in a neighbor hood making a left turn to a friends house. I was then hit on the passengers side, which then pushed me on to friends front yard. After investigating the scene, they determined he was speedin...

    William’s Answer

    When you pay the ticket you received be sure to plead "nolo." you can do this at the office of the JP. This will mean that the ticket could not be used against you in a civil lawsuit should there be one.

    Enterprise will also go after the person who actually rented the car because that person violated the rental agreement.

    Unless the investigating officer saw the wreck the accident report in most instances cannot be used against you in a lawsuit. Enterprise will likely run a credit check on you and might file a lawsuit against you if they think you have assets to pay a judgment. Otherwise, they likely will not incur the cost of paying a lawyer to file a lawsuit. If Enterprise does, you need to talk to a local attorney to determine the cost of defending a lawsuit or the risk to your credit or assets if you do not defend the lawsuit and a judgment is taken against you. That is the risk you run when you do not have liability insurance.

    Texas has comparative negligence. This means if two people are negligent the one less negligent might recover his damages reduced by his % of negligence. Enterprise knows this and will take this into consideration in deciding whether to file a lawsuit against you.

    Even if Enterprise does not file a lawsuit be prepared for repeated letters asking you to pay.

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  • What will happen if a person's will says nothing goes to the children but there is a wrongful death case action.

    A man has a will that states nothing goes to the adult children and everything goes to the wife. The man dies after being in a coma for 6 weeks form a car accident and a wrongful death action if filed. The children and the wife agree to a 50/50 ...

    William’s Answer

    Perhaps the fastest way to get an answer to your question is to look in the business pages of your local phone book. Look at the ads under attorneys and call one or two who advertises personal injury or car wrecks AND free consultation. You do not have to hire or pay the attorney who advertises "free consultation."

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  • I have dammage to my truck caused by an accident the ins company doesn't want to fix. Can I bring them to court?

    My dash has a crack on the passenger side above the air bag. My truck was hit on the driver side above the front wheel well and the door( where the dash begins) and my dash now has a crack in it. I can't get through to the insurance company, they ...

    William’s Answer

    I am assuming in answering your question that the other driver is at fault and you are dealing wiht his insurance company.

    Litigation can be expensive. Ask the insurance adjuster on what facts he is basing the statement that the damage existed before the wreck. You need to give the adjuster evidence to document his file that the damage didn't exist before the wreck. Get hand written statements form people who saw the truck before the wreck and can state the damage wasn't there. Good examples are mechanics who worked on the truck; friends who had ridden in the truck; folks where you had the truck serviced. If you purchased the truck recently get a statement from the salesman you bought it from.

    This is the same type of evidence that you would have to gather if you get in a lawsuit. You should send your before and after pictures along with the statements (be sure folks put their address and phone # on the statements so the adjuster can call them) to the insurance adjuster and ask him to reconsider his decision. You must be sure to make and keep copies of everything you give the adjuster.

    If you do the above and do not get results look on the internet for your state board of insurance. You will probably find instructions on how file a complaint against the adjuster and the insurance company. Do it.

    Do you have collision coverage on your truck? If your damage is above your deductible notify your insurance agent and tell him you may need to make a claim on your policy. You would be out the deductible. However, your company will subrogate against the other company, and, in most states is responsible for collecting your deductible and returning it to you.

    If the above fails talk to a lawyer.

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