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Jason Brandt Stephens

Jason Stephens’s client reviews

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  • Lawsuit against TxDot

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KEVIN

    Hired Attorney

    Our family was awarded the maximum amount in a lawsuit against TxDot for the death of a family member in a vehicle accident involving a TxDot truck. Mr.Stephens was very professional and informative. He is highly recommended in my book.

  • Commitment

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JoAnn

    Hired Attorney

    Jason Stephens is both professional and a "straight shooter." He doesn't promise anything for which he isn't willing to fight. His paralegal, Tracy, is also legal savvy and was my first point of contact. She treated me with empathy and gave me on target direction. They are a great team and treat you with respect and compassion. In my case, which was a motorcycle crash caused by an automobile, they explained what to expect (often doing so with patience multiple times since I had short term memory problems). The outcome of my case couldn't have been more successful, and they did it with class and respect.

  • None Better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allen

    Hired Attorney

    I have nothing but high praise for Jason and his entire operation (especially Tracy Heffner). Throughout our entire experience (about a year), we were treated at all times with respect and dignity. Jason could not have been more of a gentleman and a professional. We knew where we stood every step of the way with regular updates, and our outcome was positive. I would use Jason again and recommend him without hesitation. Allen

  • Personal Injury Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Hired Attorney

    Mr. Stephens was recommended to us by a friend and we were more than satisfied with his professionalism, compassion and involvement with our case. We had a positive ending as a result of his research, time and efforts.

  • excellent service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    Hired Attorney

    Jason and his firm did a great job on our case. Very happy with the outcome and very professional and kept us informed all the way. His staff was great as well.

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Thank you for Sandra, and we hope all is well with you and your family.”
  • Best Pick

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jason accepted my case after several attorney's turned it down. From the start it was obvious he was in
    100%. I had the opportunity to spend a good deal of one one one time with him. What I found was his forward thinking and attention to the smallest details was amazing. His knowledge of the law was obvious.
    I'm sure I tested his patience at times, but he took it in stride. I can state he's a man of impeccable character and a man of his word. Needless to say we we're all pleased with the outcome which I thought to be fair. The only fault I found with Jason is he's a TCU fan.. But I promised to root for TCU as long as itdidn't conflict with the Sooners,. If you pass this guy up you have made a life changing mistake.

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Thank you David! So glad we could help you on this. Keep in touch and Go Frogs:)!”
  • Jason Stephens gets the job done !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Our civil lawsuit had to be handled with great sensitivity because it involved children. That is exactly what Jason did ! His first concern was always the children. He was gentle when he had to deal with them and very sensitive to the nature of the case. He was their voice .

    I believe he truly cared about them and wanted to see justice done for them. I think that was more important to him than any dollar amount. He worked with great detail and left no stone unturned. He was creative in finding ways to get what we needed. He was honest, straight forward, and very open about what we could expect. Never promised anything he couldn't deliver. He laid everything out for us so there would be minimal surprises and when something unexpected arose, he handled it calmly and patiently.

    He fought to the end and pushed for everything we could get and the outcome could not have been better. The things Jason accomplished in our case will be far reaching and benefit many children in the years to come.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank him . We will forever be indebted to him !

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Thank you for the kind words. It was an absolute privilege to represent all of you!”
  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    I live in Pennsylvania and needed to hire an attorney in Texas. After interviewing several in the Dallas area I decide to hire Jason and his firm to handle my case. It turned out to be a very wise decision.

    It’s difficult sometimes to get a feel for someone when they’re just a voice on the other end of the phone. I got the feeling from some of the other firms that they were just telling me what I wanted to hear and to eager for a retainer.

    Jason on the other hand was straight forward and very candid in his assessment. He laid out the positives and the negatives of pursuing the case and the chances of winning it.

    This experience has been an eye opener to say the least. I have learned a great deal about our judicial system as it relates to civil matters and I can tell you this unequivocally.

    It’s not always about right and wrong, guilt or innocence, it’s about who has the best lawyer. Whose lawyer is best prepared. Whose lawyer has the most experience? Whose lawyer is better connected, and whose lawyer is knows how to win.

    Jason does and I won. I cannot give a higher endorsement than that, because in the end that’s what matters.

    Lawsuits suck and I pray I never have to endure one again, but if I do I’m going to make sure I win, and if it’s in the state of Texas with Jason Stephens… I will.

    Nick Zopp

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Thanks Nick!”
  • Jason Stephens won our lawsuit for us

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    Jason clearly presented us with our options and didn't sugarcoat anything. He didn't over-promise and then under-deliver as so many do these days. It was just the opposite. He managed our expectations by laying out the facts. That's exactly what I wanted, and I think what most reasonable people want. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than sadly disappointed by the outcome.

    And we were pleasantly surprised. Jason won our case for us, getting the judgment we wanted.

    I'm really very impressed with him in many ways, and that's why I'm writing this review.

    Everything Mr. Stephens said he would do, he did. He follows through.

    We had open lines of communication. We were never in the dark about how our lawsuit was progressing. Jason and his staff are VERY responsive. And that inspires confidence.

    The man is a pit bull. Not in a mean, aggressive way, but in the sense that when he latches onto something he doesn't let go. There's no quit in him. He's relentless. And that's just what you want in a lawyer.

    My impression is that it's more about helping his clients win the case than it is about the money. At least that's how it was with us.

    He makes things happen. If you sit around and wait for things to happen in the legal world, you'll be waiting a long, long time. Jason forced the issue by being relentless. He got results. In fact, he got the best possible result for us. There was no compromise. We won, outright.

    So that's why it may sound like I'm gushing a little bit, and I suppose I am. But when you invest so much emotion, time and effort into fighting for something you believe in, when that victory comes, it's pretty darn sweet.

    And that victory wouldn't have come without Jason's hard work and skill. I can't recommend him any more strongly than that. If you want a lawyer who will be honest and forthright with you, commit to you, work his tail off for you and win for you, I suggest you talk to Mr. Stephens.

    Jason, from my family and me, thank you very much.

    Eric Ruth

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Eric I sure do appreciate your kind words, and thank you for allowing our firm to handle this case for you.”
  • Outstanding representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Over the past three years Jason Stephens has represented my family after my wife suffered debilitating injuries in an auto accident in San Antonio TX. During that time Jason has shown sincere compassion for my wife and her recovery. At the same time he has demonstrated a mastery over the multitude of details of the case all the while superbly managing the case from a strategic point of view. Jason’s excellent handling of the case resulted in sufficient settlements so that I can provide my wife with the best care during her recovery and for the rest of her life. While I didn’t see Jason in a courtroom situation his meticulous preparation would have served us well. I am sure that his understanding of the big picture and his command of the details strongly influenced the other side to agree to settlements rather than face him in court.

    -- Patrick McClure

    Over 3 years ago my mother was on vacation and involved in a severe car accident that left her with lifelong, crippling injuries. The accident was in Texas and we are from Arizona. My father arrived that afternoon and my brother and I arrived the next morning. We were in shock, worried if she would make it, and in a strange town with no resources to call on. An extended family member that lived in Dallas referred us to Jason Stephens. We called him and within 24 hours he was at the hospital in San Antonio to meet with us and offer to represent us. After talking with him for a little over an hour we felt we had truly found someone that would work in the best interests of my mother and our family. Jason Stephens showed an amazing ability as a lawyer in dealing with multiple defendants with multiple paths of litigation and succeeded in bringing all the parties to the table by convincing them it was the best option and secured settlements that will allow our family give my mom the level of care she deserves and the resources to pursue any and all options in her recovery that otherwise would be unavailable to us. More important than any settlement or professional ability Mr. Stephens possesses, was the genuine compassion he showed towards my mom and our family. It was apparent from the beginning that he truly understood our pain and anger and would do his utmost to make things as right as possible after a horrible situation. We encountered many hurdles that I truly believe a lesser lawyer and lesser person would have shied away from but Jason proved several times he was willing and able to meet any challenge. I would recommend him to anyone time and time again that is in need of an intelligent, extremely competent, and caring lawyer.

    ~ Shawn McClure

    Jason Brandt Stephens’s response: “Thank you Pat and Shawn. You and your family will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was an honor to have represented you.”