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Gregory Lee Housewirth

Gregory Housewirth’s client reviews

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  • A Trusted Friend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George

    Hired attorney

    I hired Greg as my attorney for nearly two years during a long and difficult divorce process. He is a very experienced professional, knows his family law, and does not over charge. Most importantly in my view, he is trustworthy. After working with him for such a long period of time, I came to see him more like a friend than the cold-hearted stereotype I had heard that many attorneys deserve. Greg Housewirth is different from other lawyers I have known--he really does care about his clients, and it shows. Even though I am very, very glad that this painful process is finally over, I will miss working with him. Thank you Greg, you helped change my life for the better!

  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Greg represented me in my divorce, I highly recommend his services. He is kind, compassionate, and very good at what he does. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

  • lawyer helping lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by May

    Had a conflict in which I could not attend a hearing with my client. I had no one else to cover me at the hearing. Greg immediately stepped up to the plate to help me (another fellow attorney) out and he did so as a favor with no questions asked. I sincerely appreciate it! A little background history - we were opposing counsels on a prior case that dealt with some highly charged issues. I was impressed with his demeanor, solution-oriented mindframe, and integrity of handling that case and kept his contact information in my "Rolodex" so I could refer clients to him when I cannot take those clients.

  • Greg and Holly are the best for CPS cases!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Phoebe

    Holly and Greg is definitely the ones you should go to for any CPS related cases! They have good relation within the cps department and just made the whole process easy for my family. My case just closed December 2014, and I now have primary custody of my niece.

    Heres my niece was taken away by cps with a court order December 2013. Now keep in mind all this happen during the big holiday seasons of christmas and new years and you should know it can be hard to get in contact with cps since they could either be closed or on vacation or just not wanting to answer any phonecalls. I set up a consultation appt and gave my story to Greg and we actually met on a Saturday which was most convenient for me. And because my cps case was primary within dallas county, he handed me over to Holly. At first I was unsure about it since I did my research and only knew how great Greg was but it turns out Holly was the BEST! So we met on a saturday and the same following Monday (which was christmas week), Holly quickly jumped on it and worked on my case and was able to get in contact with cps and had everything set up. So my sister(mother of baby taken away) was scheduled for her visitation of the week but both parents was nowhere to be found. And I wanted to see my niece to ensure she is okay. I think there was a policy where you needed parent's permission to see child, however Holly did her magic and was able to get me a visitation without neither parents there with me. Cps was telling me that I will not be able to get my niece in my care until second court date, BUT guesss what Holly did? She had my niece returned with me the same first court date! As time go on waiting for the parents to complete their services in which was never done, Holly took care of everything. Holly knew every resource that cps would have to offer my baby niece while she is in my care. She made sure I was sign up for programs and even got me compensated by cps for the things needed to care for my baby niece. Holly is just knowledgable with these cases! Makes me wonder if she used to work for them. So as time went by and parents didn't finish their services, she worked it all out in my niece's best interest of staying in my primary custody. She had a mediation set up and even drafted out the agreement for all of us. Also there was this one moment where I was scared and nervous, and Holly got my full attention and says "you have to be strong for her!" Although she may not know it but those words was such a motivation for me to do what needed to be done. I had fears of not being able to take good care of my baby niece esp since I don't have kids and hardly have experience of taking care of infants. I played those words in my mind throughout the entire time and even to this day. As it turns out I am a natural at nurturing a child! Holly did so much for us and there is so much more I want to highlight but that would take forever. So if you have any specific question regarding my case, you can email me at I am their living proof of how well Holly and Greg got my family together with my niece.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kayleigh

    September 2012 a twelve year relationship began to come to an end. I was only 23 with two beautiful little boys. My ex had a large controlling and violent temper that could no longer be handled by me. You think it would have been a given that things would have been quick in court, but my ex came on strong and tried to play daddy of the year for court when it first began. In January of 2013 I was on a hunt to get some legal advice and find out how I can gain custody of my children. I contacted multiple lawyers and many were very rude, some never responded back, and some gave me a automated response, but Greg I got a personal email from him sharing his views and asked me to come in to talk.

    When I first went to meet with Greg I was a mess. My ex had my two boys two in a half hours away from me and made my life tremendously hard when it came to see them, my ex also called CPS on me three time in less than a years span. Greg told me how to handle CPS, and to not let them intimidate me. My ex had a goal to keep my children from me, and his plan was to flee the state and never let me see my children again. Greg helped me put a stop to that!

    We had multiple court dates and it sometime seemed never ending, but the continuous support from Greg and his team helped through all the nerve wrecking court dates. Greg did a great job presenting me as a mother and how the best interest of the children would be in my care, but I cannot tell you how amazing Greg's approach in court is. As my ex's second lawyer tried to use a strong and aggressive tactic to make me look wrong or bad, Greg left it up to my ex to show his true colors in court. Everything we did in the court room pertained to hard evidence and facts, and things we could not show proof of Greg as mention took the route of letting my ex shine the light he did want on himself.

    After a year and a half of numerous court dates, appeals, and all my trial which was August of 2014 quickly came to an end just about a week ago. The man that came in strong ready to take me down didn't even show for final trial.

    My children cannot be more happier to know that they get to stay with their mother, and no longer have to be let down by their father. It was almost bitter sweet saying goodbye at the court house to Greg and Kelly, as they have been so amazing through this whole thing.

    I am beyond blessed by the work that was carried out for my family and there is no one else I would ever go to or send any one to but Greg. His many years of being a lawyer and in the system of law show when he takes your case on.

    If you are looking for someone that will prepare you for court, be honest with you when it comes to your case, someone that is reliable! There is not one better in Tarrant County than Greg. Heck even if your not in Tarrant County he is worth the drive to see.

    Thank you Greg and all of the team for all you have done for me!

  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Mr. Housewirth was wonderful and helped me win my difficult false neglectful supervision CPS case after dealing with the situation for many years! His paralegal, Kelly, is also great and very helpful. Mr. Housewirth did a lot of leg work for me and his dedication and hard work was obvious during the administrative review and helped me get the findings overruled and everything dropped. Also, Kelly emailed me every piece of correspondence that the law office received in relation to my case as well as letters sent out on my behalf. My billing statement was very organized and itemized so that I was aware of every charge and where my money was going. I highly recommend Mr. Housewirth to anyone looking for a lawyer for family matters.

  • Pure Gold.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Mr. Housewirth fought for us on more than one occasion and we highly recommend him for anyone needing a family law attorney. We never felt like a number on a court docket but felt that we had someone who cared about the outcome walk beside us throughout our ordeal. He is fantastic.

  • Hiring Greg was the best decision I made during a very trying time. And we won!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Greg has been a life saver. I was so intimidated by CPS and felt like I could simply not make myself heard by CPS or anyone else...that was until I hired Greg Housewirth. He immediately pulled the parties together and stood by my side through the process. He was able to meet with CPS, drill down to the truth and have my finding overturned. He has an excellent team and his Paralegal was also a HUGE help. I am with my kids and my reputation is intact. Hiring Greg was the best decision I made during this trying and scary time.

  • Professional and knowledgeable attorney but most importantly steadfast and honest by my side

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandy

    I hired Greg for a divorce/custody/child support case that has just been completed. It has been a long almost 3 year situation due to the Respondent. Having Greg by my side through all of this has been a blessing. He kept me informed at all times in the process from the first filing to preparing for jury trial. He and his staff also guided me through such a difficult and long process with ease. I would highly recommend Greg in any Family Law situation.

  • Beware - Incompetent and Uncompassionate

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    If I could give him no stars I would. He didn't offer any good advice and left me worse off than before I hired him. Now I have to spend more money to use a good lawyer to handle the case the way it should have been in the first place. Stay away from this lawyer.