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Lisa Mary Haines

About Lisa Haines

About me

AVVO 2012 and 2014 CLIENT FAVORITE AWARD;  2012, 2013 and 2014, Fort Worth Magazine  "Lawyer Worth Knowing" in Criminal LawFormer Tarrant County Prosecutor (13 yearshandling felony and misdemeanor trials, along with working in juvenile, narcotics, occupational driver's license, mental health detentions, and CPS units.  Lisa attends extensive criminal defense training each year in multiple aspects of criminal law (particularly DWI) and has qualified for membership in the College of the State Bar of Texas as a result.  Lisa Haines has already first chaired 7 felony and a couple DWI trials  in 2015.  One client was facing 25 - 99 yrs in prison but was found not gulity by the jury. Being an experienced trial attorney is an asset when negotiating with the State because the prosecutor knows Lisa is never afraid to take a case to the jury.  But whether to go to trial is always going to be a client's decision.

  • Licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1997. 
  • Extensive trial experience (felony and misdemeanor, revocations, suppression hearings).  She understands all that is at stake when you are arrested.  She will meet with you as often as you need while your charge is pending.  
  • Well-versed in DWI, every felony and misdemeanor crime, probation revocations, occupational driver's licenses, family violence, drugs, shoplifting, aggravated offenses, expunctions, etc.
  • Knowledgeable about deferred prosecution programs, Grand Jury presentations of serious felony criminal cases, and probation revocations. 
  • Passionate in her quest to obtain the very best resolution for each client. 
  • Well known and respected among the Tarrant County judges, prosecutors, and otehr defense attorneys. 
  • Tenacious and hard-hitting in court, zealous in protecting clients' rights.  Provides all options and perspectives so that each client is well-informed before making a decision about whether to plea or go to trial.   She is trustworthy and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to her clients.  Lisa will patiently answer your questions, even if you ask the same question over and over.  She appreciates how overwhelming clients often feel when facing a criminal charge.


Arrested for DWI?  There are three different courts involved in a DWI arrest.  Lisa handles License Suspension hearings (ALR), Occupational License hearings (ODL), as well as the criminal DWI case.   A driver arrested for DWI has only 14 days to challenge the driver's license suspension.  The DL suspension will begin on the 40th day after arrest if an ALR hearing is not requested.  When you meet with Lisa, she evaluates whether the police violated any of your rights when you were initially detained.  She compares the your observations with the officer's report and the DWI video to look for inaccuracies and inconsistencies.  Having watched countless DWI arrest videos over her career, Lisa shares her knowledge and experience with you in the analysis of the field sobriety test video.  Lisa also continually attends legal seminars dedicated to the latest issues in DWI arrest and is a member of the Texas DUI Lawyers Association.  Ultimately it is the client who decides the case's direction. Lisa does not charge a client for a trial unless and until a client requests a trial.  That decision should come after a thorough evaluation of your case.  Lisa works hard to prove herself worthy each client's trust.  When you meet her you will see why her clients value her legal guidance.


Available to answer questions and concerns throughout the duration of each case via office visits, emails and phone conversations.  Payment plans available.  Rates are very reasonable especially in light of Lisa's extensive experience.  Initial consultation (in person, over the phone or by email) is free.  Office Mon-Fri 9-5 is 817-877-LISA.  Emails or calls returned evenings and week-ends at  or 817-479-9331.