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Leslie Starr Barrows

About Leslie Barrows

About me

The Barrows Firm provides outstanding legal representation to our clients.  Whether you are facing a bench trial, a jury trial or administrative proceeding, the attorneys of the Barrows Firm will defend your legal rights and stand beside you every step of the way.


From adoptions to contested divorce jury trials to juvenile defense – Leslie Starr Barrows is known for being a zealous advocate who represents her clients with their best interests in mind by your side for the entirety of the matter.  


Practice areas include:  Pre-Marital Planning, Adoptions (CPS or Step-parent), High-Conflict Divorces, Child Custody/Support Modifications, Enforcements/Contempt, Criminal Defense (Federal and State), Expunctions, Juvenile Defense, Juvenile Sealings, and Will Preparation.


With a decade of legal experience, we provide the highest quality representation in while maintaining the ‘close client’ relationships.  Our goal is to develop long-term client relationships  which sets this firm apart from others.  Over the last few years, she has successfully grown her practice by following this principle:  Humble beginnings, hard work and understanding that every story has more than one side, make our customer service approach hard to beat.


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