Warren Vincent Norred

Warren Vincent Norred

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This is an intro to bankruptcy, covering the Automatic Stay, Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13, expected costs/time frame, intended to convey the bulk of information you'd expect to hear at a first consultation the first time you visit with a bankruptcy attorney.
Mr. Norred often works to assist those who believe that they have been illegally towed, both with tow hearings and civil suits. This video discusses the first step in that process, the tow hearing.
FYI - The secret to tempting Justice Scalia into hanging out with mere law school students is really good Italian food.
Warren and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. One of the highlights of his law school days was taking him to dinner while visiting George Mason University for a class on Federalism.

About Me 

Warren Norred uses his engineering and business experience to help others starting their own organizations in the Arlington area. He's been involved in the community for nearly twenty years, leading efforts to make Arlington a better place to live with such activities as helping to found the Arlington Classics Academy (the nation's largest start-up charter school), and political fights to keep Arlington and Texas a great place to build a business.


Warren's wife Annette assists him in the office as office manager and paralegal. As a team, you'll get top-notch service!

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