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Ollie Jefferson

Ollie Jefferson’s Legal Guides

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  • A complicated adjustment of status case

    Today I successfully acquired a green card for a client in Dallas who would typically have to be interviewed outside of the country for thegreen card. In 1998 the clients employer began the process for him to become a legal resident through an offer of employment. The employer la...

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  • Legal status for victims of crime

    Last month one of my clients received a "U" visa which will allow her to live legally in the United States for a temporary period of time. Afterwards, she will be allowed to apply for a green card, and later citizenship. She was granted the U visa as a victim of crime. She was pr...

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  • Why Become A Naturalized US Citizen?

    Family unity - keeping your family together If you were approved for a green card based upon marriage to a US citizen whom you are still married to and living with, you may apply for naturalization a

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