He has been in the business a long time and is good with family law. gets appointments quickly with the judge. I was in a domestic violence case, and he worked quickly so i could be granted a protective order.

However, being new at divorces (not knowing any family or friends who have gone thru divorce), i didnt know much about what i needed to do or what exactly was going to happen next -- steps, etc. i was just given paperwork to fill out and pretty much just expected to show up.

i handed him what i felt was evidence of cheating. he took the paperwork that i submitted but never gave me any input as to how it could be used, etc. and this is my main complaint --- I wasnt very informed. i was just going thru it blindly, trusting him. didnt know what questions to ask. he had said, at the begginning, divorce could be completed within 60 days. well, was with him a LOT longer than that. i was nickel and dimed -- a 3rd party left a message on his voice mail. i paid for that 15 minute voice mail at $325 an hour. unbelievable!!!