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David Terrell Kulesz

David Kulesz’s client reviews

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  • Absolutely hands down the best Divorce lawyer in Texas

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PattyG

    Hired Attorney

    After consulting with numerous lawyers I decided on David Kulesz. He is one of the most brilliant , and caring lawyers . David is very competent and knows how to move quickly and strategically to protect your children , assets and organization.
    I would highly recommend David.

  • For any fathers that want custody of their children

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tony

    Hired Attorney

    . After consulting with numerous attorneys and facing the grim thought of loosing my children to an uncaring mother I was at a loss. I was referred to David Kulesz. David is AMAZING & is one of the most competent family law Attorney EVER!
    He honestly cares about the needs of his client and what's in the best interest of the kids. I feel so blessed . I am a single father and have custody of my children, thank you David Kulesz for believing that men can be great single parents too

  • Hands down Texas Top family law Attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MBWolf

    Hired Attorney

    There is a reason why David has been a "Texas super Lawyer " over 10 years.
    David handled the divorces of wealthy friends of mine with a great outcome.

    In my contentious divorce, I hired David and he protected me financially .

    David represented my brother and protected my brother in his NASTY divorce and won full custody of his kids and child support .
    He represented my niece in a custody case, and today David is handling another family members divorce, although not finalized yet , David made a strategic move to protect her financially , it was amazing. This lawyer can make Maggic happen before your eyes .

  • Would not recommend

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    If you are searching for a competent, considerate lawyer, then you should strongly consider going elsewhere, Kulesz failed to negotiate my payments in a flexible way, and appeared to be focused solely on "getting the client to pay up". In the courtroom, he acted unprofessionally and did not properly represent my interests. He seemed uninformed, and essentially uninterested in my case. I'm not sure how many cases he was dealing with at once, but he constantly made factual errors when discussing my family and appeared clueless in many aspects of my case. If you are looking for someone who can be understanding with your current financial situation, and who can focus clearly on your individual case, then I would recommend you go elsewhere.

  • the good and the bad

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    He has been in the business a long time and is good with family law. gets appointments quickly with the judge. I was in a domestic violence case, and he worked quickly so i could be granted a protective order.

    However, being new at divorces (not knowing any family or friends who have gone thru divorce), i didnt know much about what i needed to do or what exactly was going to happen next -- steps, etc. i was just given paperwork to fill out and pretty much just expected to show up.

    i handed him what i felt was evidence of cheating. he took the paperwork that i submitted but never gave me any input as to how it could be used, etc. and this is my main complaint --- I wasnt very informed. i was just going thru it blindly, trusting him. didnt know what questions to ask. he had said, at the begginning, divorce could be completed within 60 days. well, was with him a LOT longer than that. i was nickel and dimed -- a 3rd party left a message on his voice mail. i paid for that 15 minute voice mail at $325 an hour. unbelievable!!!