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Erick Masten Platten

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Erick Platten is a competitive aggressive attorney that represents individuals in Tyler and throughout the State.  He established the Platten Law Office in 2000 right out of law school and has been representing citizens accused of everything from the most violent offenses to helping someone with a will. 


Erick's zeal to win gained him a reputation of pushing the envlope while representing his clients.  His trial tactics often anger prosecutors and judges, however his stategies have been to the advantage of his clients once they hear a two word verdit of "Not Guilty."


Erick says talk is cheap but not guilty verdicts speak for themselves.


Erick is one of the most reviewd lawyers in Texas on AVVO.  Most clients go on with their lives and try not to look back on their cases.  However, some  of his clients have taken the time to leave a review of his services. Please read some of his reviews.  Erick's clients have been very appricative of the work he's done.



If you or a loved one is in need of an attorney that has a track record of sucess call Erick Platten now.


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Awarded "10 Best Criminal Attorney's in Texas" for 2014. Call Now!!!