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Casey Cross’s client reviews

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  • A good guy and a very,very good attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    We had a very difficult family law situation (that later escalated into a child custody case and finally into a case full of false child abuse allegations) so we went to what was supposed to be the best law firm in that town. We could not get the lead attorney as we wanted but were assigned one of the more junior attorneys; a guy named Casey Cross. We had our doubts, some serious reservations about this at first. We lost round one in the courts (due in no part for a job poorly done by Casey) and we all (attorneys and clients (us) alike) walked away from that decision just shaking our heads in disbelief. I mean what kind of judge in Texas takes the kids away from a perfectly good mother who has never even had a speeding ticket and gives them to the grandmother. We (the clients) felt as if we had simply fallen prey to some real bad local politics; there could be no other explanation. But things actually got much worse after this. Even though there was visitation granted to the mother by the courts, the grandmother for some unknown reason didn't want the children ever talking or seeing their mother again. There was no real justifiable reason that the grandmother did this other than an an unfounded personal hatred for the mother. So the grandmother simply decided not to honor the courts wishes. To this end, the grandmother started coaching the children and making false allegations of child abuse against the mother and many (most) of the other members of her family. The grandmother involved CPS who later, after a long arduous process, determined these allegations were without merit in later court hearings. After several years and more court dates, finally a new, more fair judge rightfully gave the kids back to their deserving mother. Cases like this are so very complex however, the mother never gave up and neither did Casey Cross. Casey was amazing in how well he could recall every detail about this long evolving case. He used this characteristic well during his witness examinations and he never pulled any punches. He went for the juggler when he had to and he did it very well. His ability to assemble details on the fly was amazing to watch. Casey's unique abilities had much, almost everything to do in gaining the obvious rightful outcome to this case. Yes we may have been a bit unsure about our legal representation when we first started out on this journey but by the time we got to the final destination, there is not doubt, we could not have done better. Casey Cross did a fantastic job and I can say that with no reservations whatsoever!