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Christopher Francis Attig

Christopher Attig’s Legal Guides

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  • Surviving Spouses of Deceased Veterans: Eligibility for DIC (service connected cause of death)

    This guide outlines the types of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) that are available to surviving spouses of deceased US Veterans, and the basic eligibility criteria for DIC Compensation.

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  • 5 Common Errors in Veteran Disability Claims to appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

    Veterans disability attorney Chris Attig discusses five (5) of the more common errors he is seeing in BVA decisions that Veterans can appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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  • Agent Orange and Military Veterans who Served in Thailand During the Vietnam War.

    U.S. Military Veterans of the Vietnam War have all been treated differently when it comes to Agent Orange Exposure. Vietnam Era Veterans that served in Thailand (as well as those in Korea, the Philippines and Okinawa) have long been the "orphans" of the Agent Orange catastrophe. ...

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  • Guide to use of Lay Evidence in Veteran's Benefits Claims

    Veterans filing disability compensation claims for injuries incurred while in military service do not always have medical evidence to support their claims. If a Veteran has "lay evidence" - evidence that does not come from a medical or other expert - the VA Regional Office (VARO...

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  • 4 Ways that Military Veterans can service connect Diabetes.

    Veterans Disability Benefits Attorney Chris Attig outlines four common ways that military veterans can service connect a diagnosis of diabetes.

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