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  1. Ineffective assistance of counsel

    Posted by Angela Hamal, a Criminal Defense client,
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    • I do not recommend Larry Finstrom.
    • I hired Larry more than 3 years ago.
    • Larry handled my Criminal Defense matter.
    • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

    I hired this attorney to represent me on a possession of controlled substance case that I was not guilty of. I was sentenced to 35 years in prison for 4.98 grams of methamphetamine. This attorney failed to issue subpoenas on the drug dogs certification, registration, and overall qualifications. I was also denied basic evidence such as fingerprints and DNA. Further more there was not one drug test with methamphetamine in my system supporting the allegation that I was a meth user. My trial in tiny Decatur,Tx lasted 3 short days. I sat in the court room and literally watched this man help the prosecutors send me to prison. I mean seriously with as much experience as this attorney claims to have he should be issuing subpoenas in his sleep. I had to appeal my case to a higher court in Tarrant, Co. Where I was given a new trial because the first one was unfair. His defense at my trial was shockingly unprofessional and his attention to detail and line of questioning of the police was more helpful to them and not me. Mr. Finstrom for all his years of experience charges a very hefty fee for his representation. I lost my home my car and pretty much every thing I owned. 4 years of my life are gone that I can not ever get back. I am still fighting this case and have yet to receive a new trial. 2009- still fighting.

    1. Larry Finstrom

      Larry Finstrom

      Lawyer Comment:

      The complaint regarding my representation has a number of inaccuracies. Ms. Hamal had no issues regarding my representation on similar charges that were dismissed. She had a bad methamphetamine problem and refused to follow advice to keep drugs out of her car. She had an extensive criminal record and was indicted with two paragraphs for prior convictions making her punishment range 25 to life.

      The Motion to Suppress the search was presented and denied. After the denial, the Court of Criminal Appeals's opinion found it was a valid search (Hamal v. State, 352 S.W.3d 835). I advised Ms. Hamal to accept a reasonable plea bargain prior to trial and she refused.

      Wise County decided a proper punishment for bringing her drugs from the metroplex to Decatur, not the Defendant.

      Posted 11 months ago. Flag