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James Brian Thomas

James Thomas’s Legal Guides

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  • Alternatives to Texas Guardianships

    Guardianship often involves the removal of many important legal rights, and vests those rights in one or several other individuals. Texas courts approach guardianships very cautiously, and will routinely look for other alternatives that are equally suited to protecting an individual.

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  • What is Involved in a Texas Heirship Proceeding?

    The majority of individuals that die do so without ever having executed a valid Will. In many of these cases, it becomes necessary for the Court to determine who exactly is entitled to relative shares of the decedent's estates. Heirship proceedings can often be challenging for the unfamiliar.

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  • Typical Evidence in a Texas Heirship Proceeding

    Heirship proceedings in Texas are designed to produce a Judgment identifying a decedent's lawful heirs and defining the relative legal interests that those heirs have in the decedent's estate.

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  • Coordinate Your Non-Probate Assets

    Your non-probate assets include assets that you have specifically designated to pass to one or more beneficiary at your death. Sound estate planning requires that you coordinate these assets with those that pass under a Will or Trust.

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  • Handwritten, or "Holographic," Wills in Texas

    In Texas, a handwritten Will may be admitted to probate. Certain circumstances must exist for the procedure to be available. While leaving a holographic Will behind may be permissible, most experienced attorneys will tell you that it isn't advisable.

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