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Paula Bennett’s client reviews

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  • If attorneys had uniforms, Ms. Bennett's would include a cape !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by steve

    Paula Bennett gave me something that I had thought was lost...hope.
    she then delivered the results that I thought I couldn't possibly achieve due
    to the mess that my case had become: my daughter's life back, free from
    a downward spiral of rulings that never should have been put in place.

    Ms. Bennett and the firm of Orsinger, Nelson, Downing and Anderson picked up
    my case at a time that i was certain that all I could hope for was a "not as bad as the worst",
    but was still a horrible disruption to my daughter's life, as well as my entire family's;
    essentially hopeless due to a series of events that i would have never imagined
    to be possible for me as a single parent that had raised my daughter for her
    entire life of 9 years without incident.
    I found myself to be in a position of being about to lose half of my time with my daughter,
    half of our holidays, and almost all of the peace in our lives. I even made the
    mistake of signing an agreement to try to "minimize the damage", out of desperation
    and not knowing what else to do. I had given up, because it could only get worse, it
    Ms. Bennett took on my case even though she was extremely busy, because she did
    something a lot of attorneys don't seem to do: she cared. She told me that she
    thought there was a solution to my case, when no one else was able to see or find
    the answer. Her knowledge of family law was immediately obvious, and she knew
    how to approach my case, even though several rulings were on the books, and
    the agreement had been signed through a mediator.
    Not only did Ms. Bennett know what to do, but her confidence and skill shone
    brightly in all that she did, and she was able to resolve my case quickly and with a
    finality that I thought i would never see, and for which I can never be
    grateful enough.
    If anyone reading this is involved in a family legal situation, I would strongly
    urge you to contact Ms. Bennett, even if you feel you are at a point of no return.
    Ms. Bennett and the entire firm of ONDA put forth the effort that we all hope attorneys
    will, but seems like a lot never do, and resolved a seemingly hopeless issue. Thank
    you Paula ! (and Joanie, and Mary, and Gene, and Eileen, and everyone behind the
    scenes !).

  • You won't find a better family law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tara

    I have tried to work with other attorneys for the last several years with, no success. Paula, is an excellent attorney, and would use her again. She kept my case simple, and kept on track. She kept me informed, and tried to keep the price at a minimum, unlike most. I would definately recommend her for anyone needing an attorney, and would use her again, if I ever needed it. We didn't work together long, as she is very efficient. I feel we not only were attorney/client, but I also felt like we became friends. Thank you for everything you've done for me, Paula.

  • A compassionate lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lizette

    I have experienced great tribulation and misguidance with previous lawyers that I used in my life. I have a very difficult ex and I have gone to court on numerous occasions. Paula's professionalism, attention to detail, and caring nature put me at ease with any adversity. She did not mislead me or ever make me feel like I was a dollar amount to her. She took her time to explain positives and negatives but in a compassionate way knowing that it was my life she was representing.

  • When it comes to divorce and child custody, no matter the opponent, Paula Bennett delivers!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bridgette

    During the most difficult time in my life, Paula expressed genuine concern and compassion for me and my children. My case had become extremely complicated. Once I learned that opposing counsel was seasoned in family law, I immediately became overwhelmed. By taking my story one detail at a time, Paula reassured me that the facts will guarantee the success of my case. Paula fought for me with conviction and influence. Her aggression was focused and consistant. My results were phenominal. My children are happy and my life is back on track. I recommend Paula for informed and strategic legal representation. Thank you Paula for your tireless commitment to my family!

  • Hire Paula Bennett you will be glad you did!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mitzi

    I met Paula while she was in law school. She has always demonstrated a high degree of integrity, challenge and drive. She delivered excellent legal representation in my case. Most of our communication was via email and I never had to wait for a reply to my never ending questions. Paula handles challenging situations with confidence. I would highly recommend this young attorney for any of your legal needs.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cathy

    She was there for me professionally and personally. I can't thank her enough.