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Weldon Reed Allmand

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We at Allmand and Lee specialize in consumer bankruptcy.  It is the only area of law that we practice. It is our experience that the best way to serve our clients is to devote all our time to one area of law. 


We have selected this area to specialize in because it dramatically impacts peoples live in a real way.  It is a very rewarding experience to meet with a client in crisis who is facing the loss of their property, experiencing loss of sleep and loss of good will with friends and family members, and having the opportunity to improve their situation. 


Our number one goal is to assure that clients who visit with us benefit from our services and walk out of our office a new person with a fresh start.  It is our experience that anyone is one job loss or one unexpected emergency away from the need for a bankruptcy attorney. 


All of our clients are good people that have been the victim of bad circumstance.