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  1. My escalade truck was parked outside my cousins house, was hit by a drunk driver which was taken in custody few days was out

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Daniel Nelson Deasy
    2. Steven Mark Sweat
    3. John K. Horany
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    It is unclear whether you are referring to the criminal case against the driver or a separate action against the owner of the truck which hit your vehicle. Very important to consult an attorney within two years of the date of the incident; normally property damage claims are handled without lawyer involvement here in Texas but your situation has a number of variables that probably need to be reviewed by an attorney. A consumer law attorney might be a good choice as well. Contact the Houston...

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  2. What is the amout that walmart will settle in the even of a slip and fall and there were no signs up for that?

    Answered 10 months ago.

    1. Hunt Edwin Bonneau
    2. Richard Kurt Arbuckle
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    4. Jack Todd Ivey
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    There is no way to answer this question as you pose it, because the biggest determing factor in the value of a slip and fall case is the amount of medical/chiropractic treatment needed. If you are hurt, you should seek medical attention. Wal-mart is self-insured; they have sophisticated systems in place to record activities on their premises and a comprehensive program to avoid slip-trip-and fall injuries.

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  3. Is a lawyer from anywhere in Texas ok for a slip and fall in Dallas

    Answered 2 months ago.

    1. Helen Hsu
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    Yes, I handle cases involving slip and falls at the airport(s) here in Dallas. I would need to know more facts--feel free to contact me via my firm website,, or contact any other board-certified personal injury trial lawyers.

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  4. Was in an accident in New Jesery but live in dallas TX can I hire an attorney here in dallas

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Robert C. Slim
    2. Robert Jay Binstock
    3. Alan James Brinkmeier
    4. John K. Horany
    5. Jonathan Craig Reed
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    You may always hire a local attorney; however as suggested, it may be necessary to engage a NJ lawyer as well. These cases are very fact-specific, and each state is different. That being said, I've handled cases where my clients were in accidents in other states (IL, NH recently); in both instances the cases were resolved at the claims level so no lawsuit was necessary. Thanks for opportunity to give input.

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  5. Can I sue if I was given pencillin it was in my chart that I'm allergy,i then go er was given another med that I'm allergy to?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Marc Edward Stewart
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. Don Karotkin
    4. John K. Horany
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    As others have noted, the extent of your permanent injury is important to determine whether or not your case is economically viable. Even if you suffered no long term adverse effects , you should report this incident to the board of dental and medical examiners so that the practitioners involved will have their professional conduct reviewed. I have been able to formulate winning case strategy before after the board reviewed facts of a case and sanctioned a physician. Good luck. Be sure to...

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  6. Can family sue doctor and/or hospital for prescribing meds that caused cardiac arrest and coma?

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

    1. John K. Horany
    2. Gregory G. Jones
    3. Timothy Dennis Riley
    4. Joseph Jonathan Brophy
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    I would advise you and your wife to contact a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer on this case; there are many in the Austin area who could consult with you. Your best chance to get the relevant medical records is from the facility where Mom is being treated now; by now some member of the family must be signing consents, etc. to arrange for treatment, and that facility likely has records from the prior emergency room visit, etc. These cases are very fact specific and it is not clear...

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  7. If you had a tumor and was told by a cancer doctor that it was cancer but after having the tumor removed you found out it was n

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

    1. John K. Horany
    2. John F. Younger Jr.
    3. L. Maxwell Taylor
    4. Joseph Jonathan Brophy
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    Whether or not it amounts to medical malpractice in Texas also requires an elvuation of the degree of harm you suffered; whether or not tissues/organs were removed in treatment of the mis-diagnosed cancer, and many other factors. Your best course of action is to consult a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer in Texas. The time limit for bringing a malpractice case is almost (but not always) two years from the date of the malpractice. So in a case of misdiagnosis, it would be two...

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