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Deborah Matern’s client reviews

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Review Deborah Matern
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Don't Use This Attorney

    It is almost impossible to get this attorney on the phone! When you finally get to talk to her, she is condescending and rude. She acted put out that I asked for advice or requested an update on my case. We discussed certain aspects of my case repeatedly because when I brought them up, she acted like we had never discussed it. I really wonder if she takes notes or studies her cases at all.
    When we went to court, she seemed scattered and unprepared. The judge corrected her several times on correct procedure. For example, she attempted to alter the initial decree by pen and turn it in on our first court visit. The judge advised my attorney all forms must be submitted electronically. She seemed surprised at this. What a frustrating experience!
    She showed a complete lack of compassion or concern for how her lack of urgency and callous actions affected my life. She often contradicted herself during conversations making it difficult to get a clear idea of what to expect, what my options were and how she intended to handle my case.
    Forms provided by her office were often scanned in and crooked on the page instead of being Word or Excel documents. This required the client to print the document, hand write his/her responses and return the document so her assistant could type it up. Very unprofessional looking forms! It would have been so much easier if these were in a Word or Excel format. The forms also required the same information be provided on multiple forms. What a waste of time.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Worst experience ever

    Very unprofessional. If you want to be presented with choices but no legal advice this is your lawyer. I hired an attorney for legal advice, got no advice, occasionally received exorbitant statements and was told if I 'could prove' the charges were false they might be reduced. This attorney will nickel and dime as much as possible at every turn. She offers choice A and choice B but does not advice the client as to what is the better choice. Seems much more intent on suggesting what she can charge the most for. She would much rather not be bothered with having to see the client....she is 'too busy' for that. This is classic 'only in it for how ever much money can be milked from the client' attorney. I believe in paying a fair price for services, but when my phone calls are not returned for days, yet I get charged for leaving repeated messages I feel this is poor service and proof of not caring about the client just the money.