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Matthew Bruce Lewis

About Matthew Lewis

About me

I am a plaintiff’s attorney.  I represent those who are injured on the job, and those injured by someone else’s negligence.  I represent real people with real problems, those with physical injuries and those with psychological trauma.  I do not represent insurance companies or those who make money by depriving the injured.  When injuries include long-term recoveries and loss of the ability to work, I help these clients obtain social security disability benefits.  

My Texas workers’ compensation practice includes representation of injured workers before the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Benefit Review Conferences, Contested Case Hearings, and the Appeals Panel.  I also handle cases at the District Court level if a case is appealed into court.  Many of my cases involve everyday disputes of compensability, injuries in the course and scope of employment, choosing a treating doctor, disability, extent of injury, maximum medical improvement and impairment ratings.  I also represent injured workers who are not covered by real workers’ compensation insurance (nonsubscriber claims) in the courts of Texas.  Click here to visit my Texas Workers' Compensation Blog.

When people are injured due to someone else’s negligence, like in a car wreck, they need immediate help establishing a claim.  I help personal injury victims find the right doctor, get regular medical treatment, document injuries and property damages, present claims to insurance companies, settle claims, or litigate them if necessary.  

              If disability results from any of these injuries, or if it’s just the result of things that happen in life, I help people get social security disability benefits.  I can help with either SSDI or SSI claims.  Generally, I handle these claims from filing the initial application through reconsideration and hearings.  While hiring an attorney is not required in social security claims, those that do will find it to be an invaluable service to help navigate a disability program that is nearly incomprehensible to those that aren’t versed in the nuances of the law.

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