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Sharon Malchar Easley

Sharon Easley’s client reviews

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  • There Should Be More Like Her!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DS

    I'd seen enough to believe all attorneys were in it for the money and didn't truly care about their clients at the end of the day, until I hired Sharon. She cares only for doing what is right, which is the most important thing. Her efforts, over years sticking with me through several legal/custody actions, helped me get the majority of the rights for my son. She listened to me, worked with me and trusted me, but that paled in comparison to all she did to help my son which is her priority. I saw what a couple of well known lawyers would do for money versus doing right, and I wouldn't trade Sharon for them or any attorney in North Texas.

  • Spectacular Attoney !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RON

    Sharon Easley represented me and my company in a business deal.
    The other side did not even have a chance. Sharon is a bulldog that
    doesn't give up the fight for what's right for her clients.
    Her steadfast knowledge of courtroom proceedings and protocol was very comforting.
    She is the heavyweight attorney you always wanted to walk into court with.

  • Incredible attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cliff

    Sharon Easley represented my child custody case several years ago and I was extremely impressed with her ethics, drive and motivation to make sure "the right thing happens". Not only was she concerned with me as a person, but for the welfare of my children too.

    I personally think she's the best Lawyer in Texas!

    Thank you Sharon!

  • Sharon Easley is a very determined, knowledgeable and competent attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    I just read the review that was posted a few days ago in which the purported former client rated Ms. Easley as poor and said that she is unreliable and unethical. Because of my own very different view of Ms. Easley's competency as an attorney, I want to share my experience here so those looking for a lawyer who will fight very persistently for them, particularly in connection with their children, will seek her out. Ms. Easley has represented me in numerous matters for over 20 years. In each case, not all of which were family related matters, Sharon fought doggedly and effectively to achieve the best possible result for my situation. Her fees were reasonable, in fact, far less than fees charged by other lawyers who have represented me in similar situations. She was also very available to discuss her charges and thoroughly explain the need for the particular service in my case. Because of my high regard for her in business matters, I retained her to represent me in my own divorce, which she did very effectively. Most recently, I hired her on behalf of my son in a custody dispute over his then 3 year old daughter. The case lingered for 4 years. Throughout that time, she continually advised my son as to what he needed to do to have the best chance of being awarded custody of his daughter. She stood by him when he was falsely accused of being physically abusive toward the mother. She guided him through the investigation when the mother falsely accused him of molesting his daughter. Eventually, she was able to prove that the mother's boyfriend--not my son--was the guilty party. But for her perseverance and competent representation, my son would not have custody of his daughter today. Those of us who watched her in the courtroom and listened to her as she comforted my son had a hard time reconciling both sides of her style. In the courtroom, she is tough, effective, direct, and a bulldog. When she was out of the courtroom and helping my son deal with his emotions, she was soft, comforting, encouraging and supportive. I can't imagine an attorney doing a better job for her client than she did for my son and than she has done for me throughout the years. I recommend Ms. Easley strongly to anyone who wants an attorney who will fight very hard to achieve the client's goal and, in family law matters, do so with the best interest of the child or children guiding her at every step.

  • Everything you don't want in an attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Ms. Easley's representation was so poor that on reflection I wish I had filed a formal complaint with the Texas Judicial Board. With my children's safety and future on the line, and having spent many months carefully preparing supporting documentation for my suit, Ms. Easley failed to enter a single piece of paper into evidence during trial. She allowed my child to be verbally assaulted by opposing counsel without any attempt to intervene. I was absolutely astonished at her dishonesty (lying to opposing counsel in my presence, then bragging about it to me later), unpreparedness, and unethical practices in general. I would never, ever use her again or recommend her to anyone else.

    Sharon Malchar Easley’s response: “I do not recognize you as a former client. I do not call children to testify as witnesses and no judge before whom I have tried a case will let a child be questioned in open court except under very extraordinary circumstances. Perhaps, you have mistaken me for another attorney, as I am a strong advocate for the best interest of children and would never sit silent while a child is being verbally abused by anyone, let alone an attorney in a courtroom. If you feel I have failed to meet my duty to you, please let me know personally, as I am not aware of any incident such as you describe.”
  • Sharon Easley got me custody of my son!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Sharon Easley recently represented me in a jury trial where I got custody of my 6 year old son. She did an excellent job for me. She was prepared and was very confident and comfortable in the courtroom. I would recommend her to anyone who wants or needs a skilled and experienced attorney.

  • Excellent, Reliable and Professional Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I couldn't be more satisfied with the service provided by this firm. When I needed help with my child custody problem I asked around for referals and Easley and Marquis were always the number one firm recommended, even by other firms I spoke to. I have used other attorneys in the past for the same issues I had now and they really did nothing to help me, they got paid and then relaxed and did very little and many things got done incorrectly. I decided this time to spend just a small amount more money and hire the best attorney I could find in the Collin County area and that was Sharon Easley. I am very, very happy with that decision. Everything has been handled with professionalism, sensitivity and efficiency. Sharon's whole staff is very capable and whenever appropriate Sharon would use a Junior Attorney to work on the case keep the fees down. If you want something done right and it is something important to you I would suggest going with the best. Why risk using anything less when you need results? And I will tell you that hiring the best is not necessarily more expensive because you will have your issue handled one time with no mistakes and not have to go back and correct later. Some of the things that stood out to me was that Sharon would answer her phone or emails immediately on weekends, evenings and even when she was on vacation. And you may as well face the facts, most issues you encounter while going through this process don't happen Monday-Friday from 9-5. Most of my issues would happen on a Friday night or over the weekend and Sharon ALWAYS took my call-that was important to me. Other attorneys I have hired in the past would not ever consider working on a case outside of buisness hours and it always seems you get served with papers on a Friday evening. Now you would have to wait until Monday or even Tuesday for most attorneys to get back to you. With Easley and Marquis I was always in contact with someone within a couple of hours and everything would be explained to me and I could enjoy the rest of my weekend and not be a nervous wreck the whole weekend. Another thing that stood out to me was that if I needed advice or anything from Sharon while she was in court on another case, her assistant could always contact her and would get back to me with an answer usually within a couple of hours.
    I think that if you need help with a serious child custody issue you should definately call Easley and Marquis to discuss your issue. I can tell you that they are accomodating and always have the childs best interest in focus. I have never been mislead, in fact I was told everything that was going to happen and it was almost always exactly as they predicted. I was pretty much at ease during the whole proceeding because I had been prepared for what was going to

    Did this case cost me a lot of money? Yes. However, being on the losing end also cost a lot of money. The silver lining was that one of my children ran up and gave Sharon a hug after the ruling and both of my children have told me "thank you" for what I did to get them out of their former home with their mother and back home with me. That is worth any amount of money.
    I know it is scary starting this type of battle, I just went through it. All I can tell you is to do what you think is best for the kids. I did it, and I live across the country and Sharon gave me my children back. My kids are now happy and loving and thankful that I did what I did by hiring Sharon Easley. Good Luck, and please don't use your children as "tools/pawns" to get what you want, just do what is best for the kids.

  • Review of Sharon Easley

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monty

    If you're looking for an attorney to handle a family law case in Collin County, look no further! I've worked with 4 different attorneys on my case in the past and Sharon has by far been the best. She's outstanding in court, well prepared, and always looking out for the best interests of her client. I've also met other people over the last few years that have very high recommendations for Sharon as well. I can't say enough about how well Sharon performs in the court room.

  • A Trustworthy and caring attorney who does what is right for children first and then her client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Sharon is an attorney who puts her client's best interests at heart especially when there are children involved. She is known as a bulldog but she definitely has that reputation because she wins and uses the right ways to win. Sharon does listen to what her clients have to say and want. There are rumors out there that she does things with wrongful intent but if you check out those "stories"/rumors you will see those are brought about by people who are on the losing side (not her side).
    Sharon and her law firm are known for their integrity, honesty and family values. I would recommend her to anyone I know and in fact I have. My case is a very difficult one and not one that is common. Again my children have been her main interest and then my well being. The children are innocent parties here whereas I as an adult can look out for myself better than my children can. This is where Easley and Marquis and their professionalism and concern come into play and far outweigh their competitors. You can't go wrong with Easley & Marquis.