Gene Raymond Beaty

Gene Raymond Beaty

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The Texas DWI Guide is a leading resource for information about DWI DUi in Texas. This video is a quick overview of the contents and value of
This 20 page book explains how DWI works in Texas in simple human terms, telling the story of Jinn who was arrested and how it worked out for her.

About Me 

Everyone deserves an attorney who fights for your rights, tells you the truth and makes the best of whatever situation you are in today. It is an honor to be able to protect and defend you when you are troubled and help you to find your way out of difficulty as quickly and easily as feasible. I understand the value of money and want to keep my fees as low as realistic because you have plenty of need for it. Let's talk about how I can help you get through this with your dignity, reputation and money intact. 


My formal education was at the University of North Texas and SMU Law School in Dallas.  I joined the US Air Force and began practicing law in 1971 as an Assistant Judge Advocate General (JAG) at a large training base in Texas.  Although I was assigned primarily as a prosecutor, I was given the opportunity to defend some cases, allowing myself a more balanced view of criminal justice than many lawyers could enjoy so early in their careers.


After leaving the Air Force, I began a successful defense practice.  In 1982, I was selected as Associate Judge (then called Master) for the District Courts of Dallas County.  After my service, I returned to private practice.  I resumed an active trial and office practice, handling criminal, personal injury and family law cases.  Today, my main focus is Criminal DWI defense.